Why Is This News?

The title of this post should say it all. But just in case I have some short bus lurkers reading, I’ll explain. My regular readers are not mental midgets so this is not directed to the 5 of you. LOL

What is it about these trivial stories that make them so newsworthy that they are even mentioned on the evening news or on any of the MSM websites?

Sandra Bullock spotted without her wedding ring. HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!! Did she lose it? Or did she recently find out about her cheating husband’s tryst with several skanks? Aaarrooo…

Larry King’s wife’s hot sidepiece dick-on-the-side is running off at the mouth about his sexcapades with Mrs. King. Are we shocked she fooled around behind her husband’s back? Shit…have you seen Larry King? *Blech* Whatever happened to discretion? SMDH

Successful black women can’t find a man. *YAWWWN* If you follow my blog…you already know. ::rolls eyes::

Heather Locklear gets a ticket for hit and run. Uhmmm, was it person? A dog? Was she drunk off her ass? Is she currently on a TV show?  Pssshh…whatever.

There is a shortage of toilet paper. Oh shit!! Wait…yeah, that could be a big problem. ::adds TP to the grocery list::

And in other breaking  news…Chocl8t is still single, black, and SEXY AS HELL. (like you didn’t already know) 😉

11 thoughts on “Why Is This News?

  1. HAHA! this tickled me. and i feel the same way when i’m standing in line at the grocery store and see all the stankin ass tabloids staring at me. pretty sad (and scary) how many people seriously consider that to be “news” smh.

  2. Yeah, you’re still sexy as hell, but, you left off “crazy as hell”, but, a Rita by any other name would still smell as sweet. Mainstream media has lost its d*mn mind! Peace.

  3. SMH! I hate what makes “news” these days. I don’t even watch that shit anymore because it’s annoying. I turn it on in the morning to get the weather and traffic report and that’s about it.

    * adds TP to my list as well*

  4. Ok…here goes some theorising….News channels are commercial entities. Therefore they must make a profit in order to please shareholders. In large part because a) the pension funds joined in the gold rush and caved in and b) there has been a general trend away from longevity of growth and profit in the markets, then these channels, like all other listed companies, must – on behalf of their shareholders, maximise their profit-making opportunities. It’s little to do with tittle-tattle. Hell, they’d show stories of the domestic situation in Estonia if that’s where the profit lay.

    Only two things can put a stop to this, I think:
    1) We all grow up and stop caring about that tittle-tattle. (Tougher than you might think, I’d imagine.) Start being interested in the world in all it’s wonder and awfullness. But that ain’t gonna happen, is it. Even I get a vicarious thrill from it sometimes.

    2) Stronger legislation that insists upon a diverse range of news items, and ensures they wouldn’t always be shunted away in graveyard slots. And an ombudsman with teeth to govern over them. This would probably lead to many companies pulling out of the industry. But would that be a bad thing in what is probably an over-saturated market?

    Sorry about that. Just felt like splurging…..you really should limit my access to soap-boxes you know……

  5. @ HKS – that Toilet paper thing took me for a loop!! LOL

    @ Bella – I stand in line at the grocery store and LOL at the magazine covers. They will never get a dime of my money! NEVERRR!!

    @ Freedom – Yes, MSM is shitty at best. And yes, I’m a Rita, but it takes one to know one. 😉

    @ Fubs – #2 don’t know if the general public would agree to regulatory measures…more gov’t involvemnt? Meh. To be honest, I’m not sure what the remedy is.

    @ yoy50 – Yes…thought that was funny too. Scary, but funny. LOL

    1. We have some gov’t regulation around that here. So news tends to have at least a little depth to it. It’s by no means perfect, but that kinda stuff you mention is kept very much to entertainment channels, and rarely gets onto the mainstream news.

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