Lottery Board – 2008 Winner

j0433821.pngUhm. Yahoo. I have a question. Maybe several…

How in the hell are the spammers getting my email address? An email address that I recently created (within the past 45 days) for blogging related purposes?

Uhm. Spammers, get a clue. Do you really think I will send you my personal information with the hopes I’ve won a lottery that I haven’t even entered? Do you think I’m so gullible, greedy, and desperate that I will jump at the possibility of acquiring 30% of $10 million dollars?

Yes. I’m sure you do, thus the flooding of my inbox with your ridiculous soliciting schemes. UUUGGGGHHHH!

—– Original Message —-
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 4:58:59 AM
Subject: 2008 WINNER
You won the sum of £1,000,000.00 GBP from our monthly Promotion,
you are hereby advice to get back to us, to claimed your prize.
Contact Dr. Pinkett Brown
Executive Secretary/Claims agent
Claims Requirements:
1.full name:
2.Home Address:
5.Marital Status:
7.Phone Number:
9.Country Of Residence.
Mrs. Rose Wood.

10 thoughts on “Lottery Board – 2008 Winner

  1. shooo…you better send them your info and get that loot. 🙂

    just playing. maybe there is a spam button that you forgot to hit. i opened a hotmail email a while ago and they flooded my email with junk and porn. i’m no stranger to porn, but i don’t need it in my email. i just had to cancel it. if you choose a email that is even remotely close to a real word or name, they will find you.

  2. The sad thing is that for everyone, like you (myself), who ignores or deletes that mess there is some slow minded person answering those questions (knowing they ain’t never been to the UK a day in their life).

  3. Sharon you are so right. I love the ones that say your computer is waiting for you to pick up. Or the ones where the foreign guy from Iraq has $1 million he needs to transfer to the United States and all he need is your bank account to make it work. chocl8t and anyone else who get these crazy messages by the tons on the daily I feel your pain.

  4. Girl I feel your pain!! I hate spam! You would think that yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc would have a way for you to bounce that crap back since they are obviously the ones who are letting our info out in the first place.
    I especially love the one from the widow who has the endowment money that she wants to give to me as soon as she gets my info…riiiggghhtt…

  5. Guess what y’all? I may just be paranoid but it seems like the spam has INCREASED!! 😦
    Somebody MAKE. IT. STOOOOOP!!!

  6. Yes, I have also gotten a funny email saying that I have won 800,000.000 US dollars at the Lottery Board US!!! *ggg* that is an amount. However I have also no idea how they got my email adress. I hope they won’t bother me again.

  7. Sad to say but a lot, I mean a LOT of people looking to get rich quick have fallen for this. Most of it is actually coming out of Nigeria. What I notice in the emails that I get is that it is some type of automated system generating the email addresses. Say for example your email is choc@???.com, well in the send to field it will have a list of addresses it is sending to for example ch@…;cho@…;cha@…etc and a bunch of others it is hoping to get a hit. It is like a crap shoot only this time they got an email that actually got to someone. Ah, the wonders of technology.

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