Little Girl Lost

lilkim.jpgWhat would compel a beautiful young woman to go under the knife countless times seeking perfection resulting in anything but perfection? Well, the same thing made her rap about her “Kitty Box” and sexing up men for money all the while referring to herself as a bitch – little to no self esteem.

Should anyone really be surprised by the result of low self esteem, self hatred, and feelings of worthlessness? Saddened maybe, but not surprised. One web resourse states that Kimberly Denise Jones lived with her father after her parents’ divorce until she was a teenager and he kicked her out of the house. Another source states that Kim ran away from home unable to abide by her father’s strict rules. Regardless of how it came about I’m sure psychologist would love to get her on their sofa. (no pun intended)

lilkim2.jpgI have often wondered about this girl. How lacking a strong foundation, the lure of money and fame seduced her into sexually explicit rap lyrics and whorish costumes. But that wasn’t enough. She so despised her looks that, with the help of plastic surgeons, has morphed into an Asian woman.

While some may argue she worked the system to her benefit and made a lot of money in the process I am reminded of the saying, “what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul“.


So pull out your Psych degrees and tell me what is your take on Lil Kim?

Sources: and The Internet Movie Database

12 thoughts on “Little Girl Lost

  1. Sad when you look at yourself, and are not happy with what you see. I think all the plastic surgery in the world can change that until you search for help within. She was a beauty and now not so. I guess if she was looking for the “cheap” look, she found it. Sometimes I wish these doctors would say “no” instead of searching for the blessed buck.

  2. i believe she just wanted to maintaina look that kept her in the public eye. she would do one thing, then think of something else to do. then another. its what happens when you will do anything to be a celebrity, and the fact is she is just not talented enough to maintain that status. i don’t feel bad for her. i feel bad for people when unexpected tragedies happen to them. this catastrophe was done over a extensive time period.

  3. She really was a beautiful young woman starting out. But I think you hit the nail on the head…homegirl got some serious self-esteem issues!

  4. In my opinion she has that classic “Low Self-Esteem/ Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” syndrome. This child young lady was not given the love she needed as a child and was not built up or taught that she was beautiful and turned to the world, which basically used her up, sucked her dry and demanded more and more of her. To keep up, stay sexy, and hot this is what she resorted to. she is now so lost in trying to be what she thinks the world wants her to be she has lost the real kim… society has helped this poor child do this to herself and then left her out there alone.
    It is very sad…

    BTW, I tagged you at my spot.

  5. Does anyone remember The Whisper’s song, “Olivia“?

    Olivia the slave
    Got distracted on her way
    To grandmother’s house
    A wolf in nice clothing came
    Blew her mind and changed her ways
    And now she turned

    Lost and turned out
    Lost and turned out

    Regina – Thanks for the tag. 🙂
    AJ – thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

  6. Lil Kim is really starting to remind me of Michael Jackson. She really is. I was really hoping while in jail she would have found herself but I guess not. All that time by herself and it appears she did not learn anything. That saddens me.

  7. #1Pound – I’ve heard that comparison and I totally agree. I didn’t think jail would change her simply because she didn’t take it seriously to begin with. Remember “Countdown To Lockdown” brought to us by the oh so wonderful BET? 🙂

  8. I never watched that show to be honest. BET disappoints me in so many ways. I do like some of the rerun syndicated shows and I love Hell Date but outside of that I do not watch it. As for Lil Kim she needs to find the greatest love and that is within thy self. Not everyone is pretty on the outside in my view but if they believe it then it is true. In one of those Tyler Perry movies he(Madea) said it ain’t what people call you it is what you answer to. That is so true. Lil Kim has self-esteem issues plain and simple. What causes them I don’t know, but she has them. It really saddens me because when I look at pictures of here from back in like 1995 she was a gorgeous young lady. Attitude was funky because of her rap persona but on the outside she was very attractive. Then I look at her today and I just shake my head in disbelief.

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