Old School Fridays – 2

Dayum. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I have gotten about O.S.F!! I’ll have to show you.

Now….be sure to visit all O.S.F. participants…cause the party ain’t ova! 🙂

1. Quick
2. Regina
3. Cassandra
4. Chocl8t (hey, that’s me!)
5. MarvalusOne
6. AJ
7. Rosemarie
8. Marcus LANGFORD
9. Lisa C
10. Kreative Talk
11. LaShonda
12. invisiblewoman
13. sHaE-sHaE

9 thoughts on “Old School Fridays – 2

  1. See you could be sexy without being crass, the songs were just smooth and subtle. Yes, another hit in my mom’s house. This also remind me of the commercial that use to come on BET about the classic soul albums.

    My husband loves the Chi-lites. I also remember the remake with Second Generation, the MC Hammer group.

  2. I used to love “Have You Seen Her” the Chi Lites! Bay!! Don’t get it twisted, they did the thing with that song! Those were some smooth brothers!
    I agrre I am just loving Old School Friday!

  3. OMG, memories – Soul Train every Saturday at noon, loved it. All the hits. Have you see her, oh tell me have you seen her. Good memories. Thanks. Choc.

  4. I love Old School! I am making the trek to Universal Studios again on Sat the 8th to see Smokey at the Mardi Gras, and then back again on April 19th to see Earth Wind & Fire!

  5. Happy Ol’ School Friday! Here is the soul of which you’ve taken control … dayum, you hit it out the park with ‘Show n Tell’!

    My flow for this week’s meme went even further back to Betty Wright as she proudly proclaimed her love and her experience that very first time…

    Can you add me to your list of OSF participants?

    peace, Villager

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