I’ve managed to slip into BEO-YATCH mode with no real signs or warnings. I’ve been fighting it all day and have been laying low…really low so as not to bite off the heads of innocent children and puppies. It’s all because of frustration and since I don’t want to sound like a whiny bitter female bemoaning the pitfalls of being single and unattached, I’ll keep it to myself. Besides, this post isn’t about me and my personal issues. 😉

lawrenceking.jpgEven before my mood became so foul I was outraged and pissed off by the video below and the story surrounding it.

Lawrence (Larry) King, an openly gay 15 year old boy was murdered by a fellow student, Brandon McInerney, because he asked Brandon to be his Valentine. Not to make light of the situation, but wouldn’t a simple “No” have been sufficient? Both of these children are examples of the end result of hatred and both are victims. What a shame. Read more here and here.

When will it stop? When we stop sending our children the subtle messages that being gay or lesbian is something to fear or that it is inherently evil, that’s when.

Ignorance begets Intolerance begets Hatred begets Death.

3 thoughts on “Ignorance-Intolerance-Hatred-Death

  1. I thought Ellen’s response was eloquently done. When parents do not teach their children to accept different races, genders and lifestyles, then we we fail. It must begin at home. Raised with hate, you learn to hate. Raced with love and acceptance, you learn how to make it a better world. Thanks for posting this Choc. God is Love, Love never fails.

  2. I hate when I hear crap like this because it just sickens me, that someone has so little respect for another’s life simply because they’re different from the “norm.” I just don’t understand the logic of hate.

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