Ignorance-Intolerance-Hatred-Death, Part II

jamielshaw.jpgDayum the Iraq insurgency! Dayum the rising gas prices! Dayum Tony Rezko and his connection to Barack Obama! Dayum NAFTA!

What I want to know is how do we keep our young black men safe!!

Jamiel Andre Shaw, 17, was shot multiple times on a sidewalk a few yards from his home after he didn’t respond when two men pulled up in a car and asked him “Where you from?” – code for which gang did he belong to, police said. He was not a gang member.

Read the story here.

I am at the point where I am afraid to have children. I will not be able discipline them at home for fear of child services taking them. And stories like this make me fear for the future safety of my nephews and unborn children. Granted, I don’t live in an area plagued by gang violence but nor am I so delusional to think something like this couldn’t happen to someone I love.

My heart goes out to Jamiel’s parents. I can’t begin to fathom their grief knowing they did all the right things only to have their son snatched away from them by a couple of ignorant, self-loathing, cowardly jackasses. My prayer is that law enforcement find the suspects and they do long hard time in a prison cell with Pookie’s cousins, Tiny and Boo-Boo.


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7 thoughts on “Ignorance-Intolerance-Hatred-Death, Part II

  1. When did it happen. When did life become no big deal that you would kill for a no response. Hillary Clinton once said it takes a Village to raise a child. We, at home, in communities, need to help. Be aware, be involved. Let’s take back our lives and the lives of our children. It’s never too late to begin. Peace out.

  2. i was just having a conversation with someone the other day about at what point did it become no big deal to kill someone? its like life is a video game. we need to start punishing people severely for fatal crimes. this is the kind of stuff that makes me sick, and there is no answer for it.

  3. Today’s youth does value life. It’s beyond senseless and frustrating…it is INSANE. These kids today keep me on my knees praying for them, and myself.

  4. When children are raised to believe there are no consequenses for their actions, they grow up believeing that they can do whatever. That young man could have been the next football star/Senator/Doctor that cures cancer, but we will never know now because of the actions of a few individuals who believe that they can do what ever. I’m with you…. I hope they get thrown UNDER the jail!

  5. We certainly need a President that can end black-on-black violence. There are consequences they are just immune to them, they aren’t scared to die, and they aren’t scared to go to jail. The problem is there’s no hope. If you can’t believe that you can be anything, then you can’t see it, and so you don’t live like it.

  6. Such a waste. I hope Jamiel’s parents can start some kind of foundation or something in his honor to help bring something positive out of this.

    Senator Obama is right: Parents need to shut off the TV and the video games, know where their kids are, and PARENT them – not be their friends.

    Just a minor point: While I certainly agree we need to end Black on Black violence, in this case, the perpetrators were apparently Latino. The lack of hope crosses color lines.

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