Flying Solo

Being single and unattached, I have become accustomed to “flying solo“. I don’t always like it but it has become the reality of my life. I am not complaining – just stating a fact.

Trying new things alone is the worst for me only because I am shy and usually find it hard striking up conversations with strangers. Not to mention, new adventures are always fun to share with friends.

However, I have learned you can not always depend upon nor wait for friends to join you when embarking upon new adventures or even every day run-of-the-mill activities. I never want to wake up 10-20 years from now and have a bad case of the “if I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve(s)”.

That is why when Maxwell’s & Jill Scott’s concert tickets went on sale I bought my ticket the first day. Yes. I am going alone to a concert for the first time ever.

I am also planning my first tandem sky dive for May/June. I will be going it along for that also – well not really “alone” since it is a tandem jump, but you get the idea.

Today was no different when I set out to go cycling on the Silver Comet Trail.

One hour, a sore behind, two achy quads, and a head of “helmet hair” later, I can say I enjoyed my ride…so much so, I will be going again next weekend when I will purchase my new, slightly used, bicycle!

One is not always the loneliest number. 😉

Here’s to flying solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. Since I have never really “dated” (I’ve always gone from 1 bad relationship to another) and the fact that I’m a loner by nature doing things by myself isn’t always hard to do…

    I went to my first Prince concert alone…it was a bday gift from my mom…no one else wanted to pay the ticket price so I went alone…I had a nice time…I love Prince so I didn’t rightly care…this was my first time as an adult being able to go to one of his concerts…I was not going to miss it…

    I enjoy walking the bike trails alone…long as I have a mp3 player I’m good to go….

    like I said it’s not so much because I’m single it’s because I enjoy being by myself…which I’m by myself allot more than people realize…

  2. HOLLAH! I stay doing activities on my own as well, the beach, the bookstore, I sometimes doll up and go sit at a bar, have a drink people watch eat appetizers and maybe meet new people.. is fun!

  3. I am an only child sis, so I was always used to being by myself. Trust me there are plenty of activities you can do alone. Some are not as fun though, Like honestly until recently I couldn’t go to the movies by myself. Just felt strange but then I thought about it, I go to the movies and I don’t speak to who I am with for the whole movie, whats the point of them being with me. Now I go all the time!!

    1. HKS – Oh I do movies AAALLL the time solo. The Maxwell concert will be a new one for me and to be honest, I’m a little nervous about it. 😉

  4. i heard u can rent a bike on the trail for relatively cheap but i never could figure out where the damn trail begins so i could do it. And bike riding leaves me feeling “ran through” cause of those damn bike seats. So unfriendly to ass. You know whats funny and sad at the same damn time. We live SOOO close and are SOOO alike and NEVER link up. THAT MUST STOP!!! I’m going to see to it personally cause we too damn cute to be doing shit alone or at least not without each other from time to time 🙂

    1. You’re right on all counts!! That bike seat is not ASS FRIENDLY…which is why the bikers were those biker shorts – they’re padded in the seats!

      The bike rental place is on Floyd Road, The Silver Comet Depot. that is where I rented the bicycle yesterday…and they make you wear that goofy assed helmet. The rates run between $10-20/hour and I spent $11. I’m going again this weekend so if you want to join me. We’ll chat before then but yes it is a must that we get together!!

  5. Doesn’t appear a lonely number with yourself. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself regardless. I feel you. There are many times when my woman gets on my nerves and/or I intentionally plan outings that I know she won’t too much care for. Which, more times than not, leads her to pass on.

    I believe it becomes more of a ‘problem’ when a person feels like they just have to be involved with someone.

  6. Love this post! I’m actually a loner by nature so I love to do things by myself. Although I’ve never gone to a concert alone (BIG KUDOS FOR THAT MOVE), I love going to a restaurant alone, washing my car at the car wash, shopping and even traveling alone. I spent 16 days in Rome but the I went 5 days earlier than everyone else because I love adventures alone too!

    I dig that you’re embracing your life and sharing it with others who may need to hear what you say. That’s just cool in the gang to me! Please be sure to share your sky diving adventure too… that’s on my “to do” list! 🙂

    P.S. I’m so glad you brought back your lovely pic. The M&M fits your ‘style’, but this pic is too damn cute!!!!

  7. Wow. Kudos to you. I was just having a discussion and debate with my sisters about going to the Jill Scott and Maxwell concert coming up here in Houston next month. I do things all the time by myself and love it. Dinner, movies, and museums. This will be the first time for a concert and if I like it Erykah’s concert will be next.
    How was the concert by way?

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