bicycle rides

Being single and unattached, I have become accustomed to “flying solo“. I don’t always like it but it has become the reality of my life. I am not complaining – just stating a fact.

Trying new things alone is the worst for me only because I am shy and usually find it hard striking up conversations with strangers. Not to mention, new adventures are always fun to share with friends.

However, I have learned you can not always depend upon nor wait for friends to join you when embarking upon new adventures or even every day run-of-the-mill activities. I never want to wake up 10-20 years from now and have a bad case of the “if I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve(s)”.

That is why when Maxwell’s & Jill Scott’s concert tickets went on sale I bought my ticket the first day. Yes. I am going alone to a concert for the first time ever.

I am also planning my first tandem sky dive for May/June. I will be going it along for that also – well not really “alone” since it is a tandem jump, but you get the idea.

Today was no different when I set out to go cycling on the Silver Comet Trail.

One hour, a sore behind, two achy quads, and a head of “helmet hair” later, I can say I enjoyed my ride…so much so, I will be going again next weekend when I will purchase my new, slightly used, bicycle!

One is not always the loneliest number. 😉

Here’s to flying solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!