The King of Pop: From Pariah to Pious

You’ve heard the old saying that you don’t speak ill of the dead, right? Well, I’m tired of holding my peace.

It seems, this not speaking ill of the dead, is being played out now surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. That or muthafuggas have sipped a little too much of the gatdayum Jim Jones kool-aid. Whatever the case – logic and reason have been tossed out of the window.

While I understand how many people choose to focus the accomplishments of MJs career, because he did make history and the musical genius could never be denied, I quickly burned out on the media coverage.

Oh…the hypocrisy of it all.

michaeljacksonHow many of you thought MJ was a perverted pedophile with identity issues prior to June 25th, 2009? Would you trust him around a young boy you loved? Your young son, nephew, or cousin?

Yes, I know MJ was acquitted of all charges in 2005 but it does not mean that muthafugga wasn’t GUILTY. People tend to live their lives in a state of denial despite the flagrant truths that are right in their faces. People don’t want to believe that someone can be, on one hand, very charming, intelligent and talented… but yet also diabolical on the other. It would take a diabolical bastard to build an amusement park in his back yard to lure young boys. Remember the story of the Pied Piper? Same concept, different tools.

But it takes a particularly sick fugga to allow young boys to sleep in his bed who are not his sons – sick with ill-intent. What well adjusted grown man does this?

Just recently video was released of MJ defending his actions with the assertion he was following the teachings of Jesus to love the children and be childlike. ORLY? I found this to be laughable at best and insulting at worst.

I’ve read the articles and blogs defending MJ and going as far as to call any mention of his “alleged” transgressions and obvious perverted behaviors a “demonization” to which I couldn’t disagree more strongly.

Al Sharpton flapping off at the gums stating the media wants to destroy MJs legacy. Well I hate to tell you, ya flat iron hot-combing pulpit pimp, but a part of that legacy is his panache for young tender boy booty meat. Oh, and the moment Al Sharpton opens his mouth to defend any issue/cause, said issue/cause loses all possible legitimacy and credibility.

In the video linked here, MJs former manager, Bob Jones, didn’t deny allegations of Michael’s relationship with an under aged boy. His responses are both disturbing and chilling (22:29 mark in the video). Watch the’s long but it does offer some food for thought.

View the video HERE.

This guy, and many others in MJs camp, played a part in the continuing evolution of MJs perversion by turning a blind eye and a deaf ear as many of his fanatical fan base is doing today in the wake of his death.

Before he died he was considered pariah but now he’s pious? Deity, even?


16 thoughts on “The King of Pop: From Pariah to Pious

  1. You know we are eye to eye Right???? I discussed it with 2 chicks last week I said watch everyone forget the inconvenient parts and the creep level

  2. Maaan very well written..I was gonna write somethin about this too,but soon realized…I didnt give that much of a fuck about Blankman… as a father ANY person accused of hurting a kid,deserves some serious side-eye at the very least. I doubt he was guilty of EVERY charge..but he was DEFINATELY guilty of one..and as good as 100. To be completely honest,aside from all that…that nigga went from a black man,to a white his own hands….fuck em.

  3. You definitely couldnt have said it better. I am neither moved or do i feel ill towards the man. However to see all the “kool aid” being sipped is a trip. We live, we die, but to see how some people are damn near gettin into verbal exchanges because your not supposed to state the facts is pure ridiculous to me.

  4. I must say that I am one of those who refuse to believe the hype. I admit that he was one strange person with some strange habits and he “got burned by the fire, then stuck his hand right back in”.

    However, being the great conspiracy theorist that I am, I believe that the government takes steps to remove those who hold the world in captivation. I’ve written this piece so many times before and won’t get too long winded and simply send you a link from a previous post.

    Dr. J had one gigantic following of young people in this city. They looked up to him like no other before him in Philly. His son was not one to get into trouble. Yet, even with such a following, his son went missing, turned up dead, drugs involved. Nowadays – “Dr. Who???!!”

    With Cosby it was a slew of women who suddenly say that he groped them or otherwise sexually harassed them years ago – out the window went Cosby’s credibility. With Michael Jordan, it was his otherwise normal father who disappeared, and turned up dead. The list of “burned icons” goes on ad infinitum.

    These are all people who have put ideas into the heads of people around them and made them think “OK – perhaps there is a better way. Perhaps I can reach my goals”. In each case, these people were doing something good, uniting the masses. With that kind of blind faith that people have in icons, the government loses its stranglehold on the population. In short, it does whatever it takes to make the icons take a fall. I felt the same way about O.J. Simpson – his won his case, yet the government made him pay regardless of the verdict. There’s no difference in the case of MJ.

    I will concede with all sincerity that the man has some wicked ways, but the facts of the matter will never be known by us. I despise the ways of R Kelly, but, the evidence outweighed the hype and as much I hated to, I had to swallow my own thoughts and say that he was acquitted – end of story.

    This is a diluted version and I will get the original post which goes into more detail, and with that, perhaps you can get a feel for how some of us feel. In the meantime, I will take a look at the video and see if that sways me in any way. Peace.

  5. Whether or not you choose to Honor the Man and his accomplishments, is your right; however, I choose to Honor that Man and his accomplishments. He rose above and held strong – proof that his faith in God carried him through. He was found not quilty – and we don’t know all the evidence presented during that trial, so we must trust the jury of his peers. He had a family, children, and we must move forward and give them a chance to embrace what he gave to society positively. Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

  6. MJ was acquitted. Guilty of making bad decisions, “yes”. Guilty of molestation “no”. But that’s just my opinion and we are all entitled to it. If he did wrong, God will punish him and its not up to me as a human being who has also made mistakes in my life, to throw stones or judge no other man. 😦

  7. People seem to have conveniently forgotten that he caught a molestation charge in 1994. He settled out of court…yet maintained that he was innocent. Now, any rational-thinking person would wonder why he settled in ’94 and allowed yet another molestation case to run its course in 2003 (innocence notwithstanding). I’m not sure about anyone else, but if I were accused of something that I did not do, I would never settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. It reeks of guilt.

    But that’s just my humble opinion.

    And this isn’t about judging anyone or attacking anyone’s character either. Its about allowing oneself to think and see situations in a logical, rational light; without the blinders brought on by emotions. Some folks will quietly dismiss their own functioning brains (and quote Bible verses to justify it) simply to avoid tarnishing the image of their lifetime hero or idol. For most of us, even the mere suspicion that a person could be a pedophile is enough to make us grab our children and run for the hills. But because MJ can dance and sing like angel, he gets a pass. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  8. Since when did quoting the Bible become a bad thing? A person has blinders on if they don’t agree with you? When did anyone say they were dismissing anything to keep from tarnishing someone’s image? Mike was a human being, not God, and again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and not feel guilty for expressing it.

    If I had been sued over 100 times and yet again brought into court for another case, I would settle out of court too just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. It doesn’t mean I am admitting guilt. It just means that I have better things to do with my time like focus on my career. As I stated before, I am not one to judge so I am going to let Mike rest for now. I can think of at least 10 incidences where I was falsely accused of something I absolutely did not do. And to make matters worse, the accusations mostly came from people who didn’t even know me. So with that being said, until proven guilty, a person is innocent in my eyes. I will keep my dark shades on when reflecting on what Mike did or did not do. So if that means I am blinded from seeing rationally or logically, then so be it.

  9. I am going to resist the urge to rebut and allow my original argument to stand. I know my view on the matter isn’t a popular one and will not garner any friends…hell I might even lose a few. With that being said, we will agree to disagree.

    @ Freedom – I see no conspiracy theory working in the cases you’ve pointed out but rather tragic circumstances. The things that occured in the lives of the celebs mentioned happen to non-celebs every day. Every. Day. The only difference here is that they were famous. I would dare to say that many w/ fame and fortune think they’re invincable, above all and therefore take risks and find themselves in these “situations”. Whatever happened to “personal accountability”?

    For your reading pleasure:

  10. I never believed MJ Molested any children and to this day I still don’t. He was odd to say the least but we see it in his family. He wasn’t the only one. Raised the way they were, I think growing up odd isn’t out of the question. I loved his music and to me he seemed to still be a great person despite all the stones being thrown in his direction he still tried to hold his head up high.

    I need to ask this question tho. If you were/are a parent and your child comes to you with accusation of abuse of any kind at the hands of an adult, if there really any amount of money that you would accept in exchange for what was taken from your child?

    I think when people think about the situation they never stop to think about WHY that family would take the money instead of putting him under the jail. No real parent would do such a thing. Only someone who out for the money from go. And on top of that, his laywers told him it would be best to settle. So he listened to them. Now someone tried to make a few bucks the second time around and he wasn’t having it! I wouldn’t have either. People are so quick to cast someone aside that it’s ridiculous.

    But all in all, we’re entitled to our opinions. And this here is mine.

  11. Hehehe, I have not been through your spot in a while. Glad to see you are still keeping it real! Well written!
    Hope all is well with you.
    Peace & Love!

  12. I loved MJ and hope he is resting in peace…However, it is undeniable that he had many, many problems…We cannot live in denial…This is one of the factors that contributed to MJ’s demise…There needs to be more action taking in regards to handling mental illness…

  13. Damaged people do damaging things… MJ was in self destruct mode deluxe. Makes you wonder how a person gets to that place and sad for the person they coulda been… but no, you’re right, I ain’t drank no koolaid…

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