Michael Jackson

You’ve heard the old saying that you don’t speak ill of the dead, right? Well, I’m tired of holding my peace.

It seems, this not speaking ill of the dead, is being played out now surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. That or muthafuggas have sipped a little too much of the gatdayum Jim Jones kool-aid. Whatever the case – logic and reason have been tossed out of the window.

While I understand how many people choose to focus the accomplishments of MJs career, because he did make history and the musical genius could never be denied, I quickly burned out on the media coverage.

Oh…the hypocrisy of it all.

michaeljacksonHow many of you thought MJ was a perverted pedophile with identity issues prior to June 25th, 2009? Would you trust him around a young boy you loved? Your young son, nephew, or cousin?

Yes, I know MJ was acquitted of all charges in 2005 but it does not mean that muthafugga wasn’t GUILTY. People tend to live their lives in a state of denial despite the flagrant truths that are right in their faces. People don’t want to believe that someone can be, on one hand, very charming, intelligent and talented… but yet also diabolical on the other. It would take a diabolical bastard to build an amusement park in his back yard to lure young boys. Remember the story of the Pied Piper? Same concept, different tools.

But it takes a particularly sick fugga to allow young boys to sleep in his bed who are not his sons – sick with ill-intent. What well adjusted grown man does this?

Just recently video was released of MJ defending his actions with the assertion he was following the teachings of Jesus to love the children and be childlike. ORLY? I found this to be laughable at best and insulting at worst.

I’ve read the articles and blogs defending MJ and going as far as to call any mention of his “alleged” transgressions and obvious perverted behaviors a “demonization” to which I couldn’t disagree more strongly.

Al Sharpton flapping off at the gums stating the media wants to destroy MJs legacy. Well I hate to tell you, ya flat iron hot-combing pulpit pimp, but a part of that legacy is his panache for young tender boy booty meat. Oh, and the moment Al Sharpton opens his mouth to defend any issue/cause, said issue/cause loses all possible legitimacy and credibility.

In the video linked here, MJs former manager, Bob Jones, didn’t deny allegations of Michael’s relationship with an under aged boy. His responses are both disturbing and chilling (22:29 mark in the video). Watch the video..it’s long but it does offer some food for thought.

View the video HERE.

This guy, and many others in MJs camp, played a part in the continuing evolution of MJs perversion by turning a blind eye and a deaf ear as many of his fanatical fan base is doing today in the wake of his death.

Before he died he was considered pariah but now he’s pious? Deity, even?


This week’s theme is Neo-Soul but I also must give a shout out to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He turns the BIG 5.0 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the weird guy! Regardless of his legal troubles, money woes, and just plain weirdness, the guy was/is a musical genius.

The first video is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” followed by Anthony Hamilton’s “Coming From Where I From“.



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