Old School Friday – The Return!

This week’s theme is Neo-Soul but I also must give a shout out to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He turns the BIG 5.0 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the weird guy! Regardless of his legal troubles, money woes, and just plain weirdness, the guy was/is a musical genius.

The first video is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” followed by Anthony Hamilton’s “Coming From Where I From“.



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Quick Regina Cassandra
MarvalusOne AJ Believer 1964
Marcus LANGFORD Lisa C Kreative Talk
Electronic Village invisiblewoman sHaE-sHaE
Mrs Grapevine  There Already  

9 thoughts on “Old School Friday – The Return!

  1. Michael, Michael, Michael…
    OK, the boy deserves his props, I’ll give you that, although I’m much more a Prince fan. But he just went a little too far into the weirdness corner for me. But hey, I do respect your choice.

    And that second video was very cool.

    Happy OSF!

  2. I looooved Smooth Criminal. That video was my shyt. Don’t get me started on Remember the Time.. *does the group dance from the video*

  3. Nice to see another giving Michael his props. I was an avid MJ fan until Prince showed up & blew him out the water. I still have much love for the MJ of the 80s though.

    Happy OSF!

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