Dell Has Lost Another Customer!!


Please do not underestimate the power of the Internet nor the tools available to the little people. Someone at Dell Corporation has seen this post. The proof is in the stats you can see in the image below. Now, what, if anything will they (Dell) do about it?


The following is a letter to the entire Board of Directors at Dell Computers. I had to wait a few days to compose this letter because, believe me, I was heated!! Like many U.S. companies, Dell has outsourced its most of its customer service calls to India. I think I would be safe in going out on a limb to say this fact plays a large part in Dell’s reps being clueless in “customer care”. The language barrier is only one small hurdle you have to face when dealing with these oblivions.

I will spare you the ugly details only because when I tell the story, it only makes me angry again. Read the letter below and feel free to share your stories in the comments section.

Dear Sirs,

This letter is to inform you that Dell has lost a customer and potentially thousands of dollars in revenue due to less than sub-standard customer service. In the big scheme of things this may not mean much to your bottom line but I am certain that I am not alone in my frustration or actions.

A few days after opening a Dell Preferred Account, on August 14, 2008 I placed an order for an Inspiron 1525, a laptop bag, and a wireless printer (Dell Purchase ID #*******). Thinking I would spend less money by upgrading the memory on my current Inspiron and purchase an external hard drive, I cancelled the laptop order and bag the same day with the intention of purchasing these items from Dell. I was able to cancel these two items without any issues. I informed the representative that I wanted the printer order.

With this task completed, I would check the status of the printer order periodically. On Monday, August 18, 2008, I checked the status of this order (Order #*******) and its estimated shipping date was Aug 25th. On Tuesday, August 19th, I checked again and the order had been cancelled – not by me.

I immediately placed a call to you customer service department (more than likely a call center located in India given the accent of the rep). After explaining the situation to the representative I was tersely told that my one and only option was to place the order again. He could not give me any information on who cancelled the order nor why and he refused to transfer me to a manager stating I would be told the same regardless to whom I spoke. This infuriated me beyond words. So much so that all composure and civility flew out the window as I let him have a few choice words.

Due to your customer service representative’s lack of service and unwillingness to even attempt to investigate the issue, I closed the Dell Preferred account, which at a 13% interest rate would have garnered Dell some income on a $5,000 limit, no doubt.

You see, I can spend my hard earned money any where because Dell is not the only show in town. Losing one account may not even register a blip on your bottom line radar but please know I will tell everyone with whom I come into contact about my experience. Family and friends who often come to me for computer advice, co-workers, and the many people who visit my blog – this letter will be posted there as well. In this viral age, this can spread via the internet so fast it could flip your wigs.

In closing, I would like to suggest some extensive training on “customer care” for your overseas employees. All it would have taken to avoid the situation was for your representative to offer to look into the situation and call me back. He could have come back to me with just about anything, truth or not, and the effort would have been appreciated. But alas, he didn’t and here we stand.


T**** M***
5721 ******** Drive
******, GA 30***

11 thoughts on “Dell Has Lost Another Customer!!

  1. OMG! Do you hate it when they come on the line and try to sound all American with, “Hello my name is Steve, how is it I help you?” knowing damn well they don’t sound like any Steve I have ever known and speaking with an “Apu from the Simpson’s” accent.

  2. So glad that you’re doing the right thing. If we all took to time to show our dissatisfaction, perhaps things would get better at some point. In support, I will bypass any Dell purchases until I learn that you have attained some sort of satisfaction. I’ll also spread the word. It’s David vs Goliath, but, remember that David won. Good for you. Peace.

  3. @ Freedom – Thanks for the support! I agree if more consumers took direct actions companies would have to respond. We as consumers have to realize we have options!! 😀

  4. I’ve heard so many complaints about them and I don’t understand why they are so successful. I guess maybe because they have lots of sales???? But keep speaking up, maybe they will change their bad behavior

  5. My name is Debbie and I work at Dell’s Headquarters in Texas. I’m sorry to read about your Dell order being cancelled. If you are willing to email me with your Dell order number, I am happy to research this matter. Please email me directly at .

    Dell Customer Advocate

  6. @chocl8t – I never received the original email. I’m not sure if I missed it or if you need a little more time before you can send it, but I wanted to check in.

  7. most likely you paid a promotional price for the printer due to laptop purchase, of course they would cancel the printer at a special price if you cancel the laptop

  8. @ Anon – The printer price was NOT promotional and was NOT tied to the purchase of the printer. However, if that was the case my point still stands which is the customer service SUCKED!! When the cust rep was asked “why” the order was cancelled, he refused to offer any information. Period.

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