Jesus Be A Fence!!


It was a hellava Saturday afternoon!


The tow truck driver had no teeth in his head and his truck had no A/C. He wore glasses the size of coke bottles and when he read the text messages his mobile phone was less than two inches away from his face. He regaled me with the story of his diabetic fiancé who couldn’t eat the Krispy Kreme donuts he offered to me and about their “rainbow” colored sunset wedding ceremony planned for Thanksgiving.


The 30 minute ride to the dealership was…interesting but far less exciting than my truck stalling in the middle of I-20 in Atlanta.


There I am exiting I-285 to I-20 W wanting to get around the slow pokes behind the 18-wheelers traveling at about 30 MPH.


I “punch it” (hit the gas for you short bus-ers). Initially, the FX35 performs as expected. But 30 seconds later is sputtering and bugging like Herbie the LoveBug.




STALLED!!! In the middle of the interstate!! So focused on why my car isn’t accelerating and literally stomping the hell out of the gas pedal, I didn’t peep the cars, SUVs, or semi trucks in the rearview mirror barreling towards me. Thank God!! Jesus be a fence!!!


I managed to pull over to the emergency lane where I put it park and rev the engine. It is still sputtering but I am able to make it up the interstate two exits and to my mother’s house. While safe in the driveway, I place a call to the dealership and to Roadside Assistance.


The next four hours of my afternoon is spent on the phone with the towing company, Roadside Assistance, and the Infiniti dealership; riding in a tow truck with no A/C, the toothless blind as a bat driver in 90° Georgia weather. Needless to say, I was beyond happy to get the “loaner” car and head home for a hot bath and dinner.


What the hell happened with my truck? Mass Airflow Sensor failure.


Lessons learned? Stay thankful. Remain humble. Keep your sense of humor.



6 thoughts on “Jesus Be A Fence!!

  1. @Nonot – the repair was completed this morning and is covered under the warranty, no out of pocket expenses for me! And…yeah, God mos def had His hand all over me on Saturday!!

  2. @ Bully – we all know I pride myself on being an independant woman and all but never have I worked on a vehicle other than to wash, and maybe wax it. All work done on that car was done by the dealership. Oh, and bite me you big bully!!! …and check your email. I’m sorry…tee hee hee

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