Fatal Attraction – Confessions Of A “Brief” Chocl8t Jezebel

distortionIt was the stuff Novellas are made of and I was smack dab in middle. The experience left me feeling empty, guilty, and I didn’t feel I could trust myself because I betrayed the trust of someone who considered me a friend. Had I utilized my usual modus operandi of a long observation, a “feeling out” period, I never would have allowed her within my inner circle of friends but before I knew it, we were fast “friends”.

We spent a lot of time bonding over martinis at the hottest nightspots in the ATL and over shots at family cookouts, which were just about every other weekend during that time. We met at work when she and her live-in boyfriend relocated from another state.

Lisa and Michael seemed to be the perfect couple as he doted on her and from all outward appearances was still in love after seven years. He was tall, dark, and very handsome. And as cliché-ish as that sounds, it’s true. I developed a close friendship with both Michael and Lisa. After a minor out-patient surgery, he called to check on me as well as she did.

The first sign of trouble was Lisa’s attraction to another co-worker, whom I will call, Myron. She was taken in by his charm, I guess, and the fact that he made six figures…something to which she also aspired. Despite the fact that Myron was married with four children it didn’t seem to matter to Lisa because he regaled her with stories of a loveless marriage to a woman with mental issues. She believed him. We all did.

During this time I also began to notice some things about Lisa’s personality that seriously irked the shit out of me. She lied about the smallest of things, she was materialistic, liked to name drop, and generally just wanted to be more important than what she really was.

The unraveling began after Michael questioned inconsistencies in her stories surrounding a business trip while he was balancing their checking account. She took the trip with the intended purpose of a romantic liaison with Myron. Lisa finally confessed to the affair and it was no surprise that it hurt Michael deeply.

By the time Michael gave her her walking papers, I was done with our friendship as well, although I didn’t really tell her directly.

She confided in me about the fallout with her and Michael and her blossoming relationship with Myron, who by this time, had put the wife out and filed for divorce.

I made her aware that Michael was also confiding in me and asked her if she was comfortable with this. If not, I would put a stop to it immediately. She assured me she was fine with that because he communicated with her friends from their home state as well.

distortion4BIG MISTAKE. Not only hers, but mine also.

It was over drinks at Dave & Buster’s that Michael opened up about his attraction to me. There were signs, most of which I shrugged off because I really didn’t want to “go there” in my head. But subconsciously I knew something was amiss with me. For example, Lisa and I walked a 5 mile hike one Saturday morning on her side of town. She had a hair appointment and I had plans on that side of town so I showered at her house. I remember thinking that I wanted to be dressed and ready to walk out of the house at the same time she did…I didn’t want to be there in the house alone with Michael.

This was the same night Michael and I shared a kiss. Needless to say, this was the beginning of a long dark, drama filled period in my life.

Yeah…I found myself to be…”that girl”.

I tried to justify my intimate involvement with Michael by reasoning:

  • Lisa’s many flaws that irked me
  • She practically handed him over to me
  • They were “officially” not together when we hooked up (although they were living separate lives under the same roof)

Truth is, none of my weak, feeble reasons were justification for my actions and I knew it. That is why I felt so empty and guilty about the situation and lost 25 lbs in the process. Knowing that Michael’s reaching out to me was out of a need to escape his pain, no matter how he protested otherwise, was always lingering in the back of my mind.

It ended with Lisa married to Myron, Michael back in his home state, and me…well, emotionally drained. Needless to say, Lisa and I are no longer friends. Michael and I remained in regular contact until recently when I stopped all communication. We’ve had conversations that entertained the idea of giving our relationship another “serious” attempt. In all honesty, it would never work. The foundation is too sullied for any good root establishment for a relationship to even be fruitful. The relationship would always be tarnished and I had moved on.


It took a long time to forgive myself…to even trust myself again.

But alas, there is redemption and here I stand.

14 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction – Confessions Of A “Brief” Chocl8t Jezebel

  1. It is very easy to get into a situation like that and hard as hell to get from under. I admire your honesty as well as determination to do what you felt was the right thing..I certainly agree on the foundation not being right from jump to try to establish something further..you are a very strong woman and I commend you for your efforts.

  2. Wow! Had this not been a true story, it would make for a great NOVEL, much less a novella! It should be written, anyway, milady. At any rate, I’m glad that redemption showed it’s welcome face. Peace.

  3. Choc, we none of us are perfect. But we take a deep breath and move on and learn. Life is always a learning process. (((Choc)))

  4. Yeah, what JsNana said. We have all done things that we aren’t proud of in our past but the most important thing is to learn from those things and keep it moving. (((Choc)))

  5. W-O-W! I was caught-up in your story. Definitely forgive yourself, we all have had that “weak moment” or two, lol.

  6. You were not that girl. Michael already liked you…but did not confess until after he was done with his wife…that you ended your friendship with. You and Michael never did anything wrong! And you dropped 25 pounds? Find Michael and quit playin with yourself…for real…he sounds like good people.

  7. Girl you better go find Michael. IMO I think that the start you all had could lead to a fruitful life together because you saw him in his “rawness” …. can’t get any more real than that!

  8. We all have our moments and you did the right thing letting the thing with Michael go. As women, we need to pay attention to the way a relationship starts, because that’s how it will end. I’ve been married 14 years and I’ve definitely made mistakes. I’ve seen other people in their marriages have affairs, end up with the person they are cheating with, only to be cheated on down the road. We all learn from our mistakes, and someone always ends up hurt in those situations. You are strong enough to admit yours and move on a better and wiser woman.

  9. Ish happens. I disagree with the idea that how a relationship starts is how it ends. When two people are brought together, it is always for a reason, Even if the circumstances are less than ideal. There may be something in the cards for you and Michael one day. This novel isn’t done…

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