Stop Feeding At The Trough!!

Have you ever complained / lamented about the lack of positive portrayals of African American women in the media (i.e. reality TV shows)?

Are you sick of seeing African American women portrayed as loud, obtuse, bitter, hateful, nefarious gold-digging, fame-seeking whores whose decision making and life choices have proven to be questionable at best and down right stupid at worst as evident by the current state of affairs in their lives?

Do you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop (NY & Atlanta), or Basketball Wives? Well, I hate to inform you of this but you are a part of the problem.

Look at ’em eat it up!!

My grandparents owned a farm and I spent many summers with them. I remember begging my grandfather to let me help slop the hogs – that’s feeding the pigs for you non-country folks. In addition to the store bought feed my grandfather would mix with water, the hogs were fed all the food that was thrown in the garbage. Food that had spoiled, rotten fruit, watermelon rinds, the scraps from the dinner table, half eaten sandwiches, orange peels, etc., etc.

There was a bucket next to the back porch steps where this “slop” was stored. Every few days my grandfather fed this putrid smelling, fly infested mess to the hogs and they lapped up every drop pretty much in the same manner as you consume the “slop” offered to you within the programming content of the aforementioned television shows.

I know this will fall on deaf ears and leave you mute like Helen Keller but the argument, or justification, that it is simply entertainment is a bullshit excuse used to avoid accountability. And yes, you are accountable.

“If you build it, they will come”. And so you have.

You’ve come to the trough snorting and grunting and gobbling up the garbage with great fervor and the networks keep feeding it to you knowing your appetite will never be satiated.

But remember, you are what you eat! So please, stop feeding at the trough!!!!

Huh…you talking to me?

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