Reason? Season? Lifetime?

A friendship has shifted. A friendship has changed.

The catalyst to this change has been me. Change is the result of growth. Growth brought about Knowledge which fostered Vision.

Vision has allowed me to see people, places, and things as they ARE and not as I wish them to be.

So I can’t say I did not see this coming, therefore, I am not surprised.

Should I write about it? Is it worth the time? I have a sense of calm and peace about the outcome and dare I say it, a sense of relief. So why give it more thought and energy than it deserves?




The season has passed.

A friendship has ended.

8 thoughts on “Reason? Season? Lifetime?

  1. it appears as if you have made your decision and there is nothing left to be said. i feel you. f*ck ’em. you win some, you lose some. you lose some to win some.

    1. “you win some, you lose some”… AGREED. Nothing left to say but KUDOS for your personal awakening. Find your personal happiness in the meantime.

      P.S.: please write more often, lady. You are GIFTED and so many of us dig your style!! 😉

  2. I hate the sound of those words. I’m glad that you found relief. It could have eaten away at the mind for so long a time. Don’t feed the animals – it gives them a false sense of themselves. Peace.

  3. @ Don – you win some, you lose some. you lose some to win some. LOVE that last sentence because it is so true!

    @yoy50 – yeah…had to let go of some things and people. I will try my best to write more often and thank you for the compliment lady! 🙂

    @ Freedom – PEACE of mind is very important…and I have it.

    @ Donna – We go too far back girl. Too far! LOL 😉

  4. It is what it is. You have to mourn the friendship for what it was and move on. Not everyone was meant to be in our lives forever, but only for a season. We learn and we evolve with each person we deal with. I miss your posts!!!

    1. Maybe the mourning will come later…or maybe I’ve done it already. But I can quite honestly say I am at peace with no intention or inclination of reconciliation.

      I will try to post more. 😀

  5. I am so late…i forgot to come over and read this when you posted it…old age lol

    I remember many moons ago writing about weeding out my garden of friends….I actually do it often…I have no problem cutting people off cause I’m evil like that lol

    I think it’s just as healthy to do friendship evaluations as it is to do self-evaluations….

    friends can be a direct reflection of you….so cutting a few off along the travels of life makes perfect sense seeing as you change often as you travel…

    *hugs* to you …. things will get greater later 🙂

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