Random Ramblings

A few thoughts running through my mind. One thought didn’t produce enough for its own post so they have to share this space in my Random Ramblings.

~ Funny how you can know someone your entire life and not really know them at all. Is it that I am still learning things about myself or have I just began to recognize and accept myself as is – faults, warts, and all? Probably more so of the latter.

~ The expiration date is quickly approaching for my online dating adventure. I am done! After only 45 days, I have realized that I prefer the old-fashioned dating method. Given my recent history and track record with that – I might not be dating much. No worries though…I think Xandria is having a great sale. 😉

~ The Bald Va-Jay-Jay. What’s behind some men’s fascination with and desire for a hairless pum-pum? Close shaven or Brazilian maybe, but BALD?  Are men who like that clean-shaven look suspect as a close male friend has suggested? Doesn’t it remind you a of pre pubescent child – no hair? Not to mention it itches like hell during the “grow out” phase. Have a girl scratching like she’s got fleas. NOT. A. GOOD. LOOK! Trust me….I know 😐

~ My 1.5 hour commute (one-way) gives me a lot of time to think. Think about what to prepare for dinner…what to wear to work the next day. Should I purchase that $350 bicycle? When will my house sell? How much time spent on each thought really depends on how bad traffic is that day. Today Raheem Devaughns’ “Bedroom” triggered the following…”funny…I don’t remember the last time a man made me sweat where it rolled  between my breasts down to my stomach and landed in the creases of my belly button. Hmph…I really need to buy that toy from Xandria...”

~People who sit in a restaurant alone and talk on their mobile phones really annoy me. The same goes for those who yap away on the phone while in the checkout line at the grocery while the cashier rings their items. I think it is rude. the former indicates to me that the solo diner is not comfortable being alone. A lady sat down a few chairs away from me at the sushi bar today during lunch. She was chatting it up on her phone and the chef had to repeat himself several times because she was so engrossed in her conversation. RUDE! RUDE! RUDE!

Any thoughts on my thoughts or thoughts of your own you’d like to share?

7 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. I always thought a Brazilian wax was bald…bald in all the wrong places at that…

    1.5 hour commute? I guess my 45 to 50 minute commute would be gravy to you…I would lose my entire black mind if I had to drive that long…

    1. “lose my entire black mind” LOL

      1.5 HOURS would be insane for me too! My hats off to ya’ Chocl8t– that one way commute could not be me! Waking up all extra early, the wear and tear on my car, freakin’ gas prices… yeah– I’d be on the 10pm news for serious road rage!! lol!

  2. I am tripping out where you speak of bald vagina’s will have a woman scratching like she got fleas. Too funny. I like for mines to leave something down there. It would irk me if she shaved it bald, ish would look funny looking.

    In the cell phone era I believe people constantly talking on the phone during times like you described will end up being a given.

  3. Yet another good post…..

    Yes, I think, the latter, on the first point. If we’re of a naturally inquisitive mind, then I think it’s only natural….

    Shame about the dating going badly for you. I’ll stay diplomatically silent on that toy shop…..

    Ok, now the bald ladybits….I like to think of myself as very UN-suspect, thank you very much. I’m not didactic about it, but I am one of those fellas who thinks that that area of the female anatomy can often look aesthetically gorgeous. So to see it in it’s ‘glory’, so to speak, is to be able to appreciate it fully. Thoughts of pre-pubescence could not be further from my mind when I’m a-gazing…..However, I ain’t ever gonna insist upon it. I know it’s gotta be proper pain to maintain, so there’s really no issue for me. Just thought I’d stand up for the aesthetes!

    1.5 hours, that’s nothing!! I’ve had a rail closure for the last 2 months. 1 more to go. My journey’s 2 hours at the moment. And it’s well within the same damn city! (More diplomatic silence on your other part to that paragraph……hmmmm….)

    100% correct on the lack of liking being by themselves. It’s often like they are screaming out the metaphor that I’VE GOT LOTS OF FRIENDS!! I AM RESPECTED AND FEARED!! And I am also 100% with you on the phones at checkouts. I think to myself, ‘please have some respect for the poor person at the till. It can be a dull, annoying, repetitive jobs at times, I’m sure. At least acknowledge they exist for pity’s sake….’

  4. Bald bums that some men insist on make me run in the opposite direction. There’s some very pedophile-ish about it to me as well. No need for hair long enough to braid but there’s something very creepy about a guy who insists grown women be bald (down there). HIGHLY SUSPECT.

    And cell phone chatting (LOUDLY, VERY LOUDLY) is extremely annoying! The last time I was in a Wal-Mart this chick was chatting it up (loudly) about how she caught her boyfriend cheating. I stopped, turned around folded my arms and just stared at her. Eventually she hung up and asked what I staring at? My reply, well, I thought you wanted me in your conversation so I’m simply giving you my undivided attention. The check out clerk cracked up and said; THANK YOU and a few people behind her starting applauding! lol.

    I also agree you on dining alone and chatting it up on the cell. You obviously don’t feel comfortable otherwise you’d be more concerned about the meal you paid for.

    Oh yeah… I ‘vote’ hang in there in the internet dating thing. I do have one girlfriend who met the love of her life online– they’ve been hanging tuff (happily married) for the past 4 years now. Don’t let that Goober with boobs leave a bad taste in your mouth. He just needs to head over to Lane Bryant and get sized for the long overdue bra he needs. What my girlfriend mentioned that she liked about online dating was that it offered them both a genuine oppty. to get to know one another. If I were single, I think I’d utilize it…

    I actually think it can potentially yield some good results. It’s probably safer than dating the old fashioned way too– they don’t know where you live, they don’t have your number and if you don’t like ’em, BLOCK ’em. 🙂

    Cute post, Chocl8t! 😉

  5. Hey I like my bald ladybits as Fubs called them. I think mine is beautiful to be honest so the less hair the better and more than likely she’s nude!( no hair) and I’ve never had that horrible itching people talk about. It just grows back and then it gets to a certain point I wack it all back off again.

    I wish the dating was going better. We’re gonna get u a show ” What choco wants!” It’ll be a hit and you’ll find a groovy dude in the process? Sound good? no? oh. . . ok. . .

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