A few thoughts running through my mind. One thought didn’t produce enough for its own post so they have to share this space in my Random Ramblings.

~ Funny how you can know someone your entire life and not really know them at all. Is it that I am still learning things about myself or have I just began to recognize and accept myself as is – faults, warts, and all? Probably more so of the latter.

~ The expiration date is quickly approaching for my online dating adventure. I am done! After only 45 days, I have realized that I prefer the old-fashioned dating method. Given my recent history and track record with that – I might not be dating much. No worries though…I think Xandria is having a great sale. 😉

~ The Bald Va-Jay-Jay. What’s behind some men’s fascination with and desire for a hairless pum-pum? Close shaven or Brazilian maybe, but BALD?  Are men who like that clean-shaven look suspect as a close male friend has suggested? Doesn’t it remind you a of pre pubescent child – no hair? Not to mention it itches like hell during the “grow out” phase. Have a girl scratching like she’s got fleas. NOT. A. GOOD. LOOK! Trust me….I know 😐

~ My 1.5 hour commute (one-way) gives me a lot of time to think. Think about what to prepare for dinner…what to wear to work the next day. Should I purchase that $350 bicycle? When will my house sell? How much time spent on each thought really depends on how bad traffic is that day. Today Raheem Devaughns’ “Bedroom” triggered the following…”funny…I don’t remember the last time a man made me sweat where it rolled  between my breasts down to my stomach and landed in the creases of my belly button. Hmph…I really need to buy that toy from Xandria...”

~People who sit in a restaurant alone and talk on their mobile phones really annoy me. The same goes for those who yap away on the phone while in the checkout line at the grocery while the cashier rings their items. I think it is rude. the former indicates to me that the solo diner is not comfortable being alone. A lady sat down a few chairs away from me at the sushi bar today during lunch. She was chatting it up on her phone and the chef had to repeat himself several times because she was so engrossed in her conversation. RUDE! RUDE! RUDE!

Any thoughts on my thoughts or thoughts of your own you’d like to share?