Likes and Dislikes


  • Reconnecting with a college friend and discovering he is my sister’s cousin. (too long to explain so just go with it) LOL
  • Very Smart Brothas
  • The NBA Playoffs
  • Cycling on The Silver Comet Trail
  • Dwight Howard’s ARMS – LAWD JAYSUS!
  • The new WP theme I’m using for my blog.


  • Online dating (this shit is NOT for me)
  • Arizona’s new Racial Profiling Immigration law
  • Neighborhood kids who walk on my lawn (No home training!)
  • Dominoes Pizza
  • Slow drivers in the passing lane (Move B*tch! Get out the way!)


12 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. Nice new look!!

    Liking this week:
    1) Coming to the end of pt 1 of the wedding task I’ve set myself….only another loooong 1/2 to go…..
    2) Going to a fantastic modernist drawing exhibition at the weekend.
    3) Being by the sea on a beautiful spring day at the weekend.
    4) Having my first ice cream cone of the year!
    5) Being missed.
    6) A genuinely interesting general election.

    1) Missing someone.
    2) The utterly infuriating non-answers of one of the main political party leaders (UK).
    3) The Atlantic Ocean.
    4) The weather looking pretty rubbish for next Monday, when a picnic for my friends is planned……
    2) It’s

  2. I see you have changed around your blog furniture. Looks good.

    I recently connected with an old Army buddy. We laughed for hours at a time thinking about the memories from the military.

    I am all into the playoffs. Hoping for Cavs/Lakers finals. But I believe it will be Orlando winning it all.

    Agreed on Dominoes pizza being nasty.

  3. Nice look!

    LOL @ online dating. “Neighborhood kids who walk on my lawn (No home training!)” I know, right?! And slow drivers in the passing lane is extremely annoying!

  4. @Fubs – does that “someone” know you miss her? Maybe they should?

    @HKS – we’re all hating Arizona right now!

    @Don – I want Orlando to go all the way also!

    @yoy50 – Arizona should just pick up walk over to the coast of California and jump in the ocean. LOL

    So glad that all of you like the new layout! It was time for a change! 😉

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