Bullshit, Propaganda, & Other Statistical Data

Awe f**k!! Here we go again with THIS boolshyt…

That was my initial reaction and comment when reading the OHN post “Are Black Women Too Picky“.

As a 43-year-old black woman, I should throw in the towel and call this life quits. Sometimes it feels like and all out assault on black women.

According to “statistics“, the reason I am not married, along with 40% of black women in America, is that the majority of black men are incarcerated, gay, or dating Kim Kardashian.

According to author, (I use the term loosely), Jimi Izrael’s TRASH book “The Denzel Principle“, black women are too picky. We should toss aside all standards and hook up with the likes of his twice divorced three baby mamma ass!! I heard that tidbit of information when he was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show several weeks ago.

Yeah…whatevah dude!

Even if I can lower my standards and find an available black man to marry at my age, my chances of having children has dramatically plummeted due to the ever decreasing number of eggs I’m producing…and those I do produce “ain’t ’bout shyt“.  A scientific term. *wink*

That’s right people – my eggs are hard-boiled! Be on the lookout for that autistic corky kid wearing the helmet licking the school bus window – he’ll be mine.

Yeah, according to “statistics”, slanted science, and bitter authors looking for a payday, I should just say “fuck it”. F.M.L.!!!!

That is…IF I believed everything I read or hear or if I were easily influenced by others’ opinions.

Think about the theory of self-fulfilling prophecy:

Positive or negative expectations about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a person’s behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled.

But I remain on a constant vigil not to internalize the negative crap I hear on a regular. My advice to other black women is to do the same. Tune it out! Stop and think about how and why these messages are being disseminated and definitely consider the sources.


Cogito ergo sum………..I think, therefore I am. – Descartes

13 thoughts on “Bullshit, Propaganda, & Other Statistical Data

  1. I wouldn’t know too much detail about the specifics you mention (I’m sure it’s obvious why!) But it does nonetheless highlight a couple of things that have bugged me for a loooooong time.

    1) Writers of these self-help/state-of-a-section-of-society books are given far too much credence without recourse to their credentials. If you’ve a respected and long academic background in a subject, I might listen. If you haven’t and you are just spouting, then get the fugg off my tv screen….
    2) News programmes and statistics. I HATE the selective editing of news shows. Your post reminds me of the one about black women and abortion you highlighted recently. Just like the Bible or Koran, stats can be made to tell any story you’d like to choose if you are selective enough. And it’s gone on in news programmes for waaaay too long. I’ve no idea how to combat it, but it pizzes me off….

    So, young lady, you wait as long as you need!!

    1. You and I are on the same page with the “selective editing” of MSM. No one is presenting the full story anymore allowing the general public (you and me) to make a decision and draw our own conclusions. It has become like the game “Find Waldo” when searching for the truth. ::shrugs::

  2. you need all types of an ass whooping for the corky ass kid comment.
    like your baby is gonna be licking the window

  3. Love this post and RIGHT ON! Stats are so slanted and inaccurate! I just love how we are constantly being told we’re too picky, like men aren’t the pickiest species on earth or something!! They want our hair to be nice and neat, but they don’t want us to sleep in hair curlers– WTF? And that’s just one example that I have.

    I’m with you… don’t believe the hype. The only thing I’d add is that we may need to start dating outside of our race a lot more frequently. I have found that men are all the same no matter the race.

    Love the boy licking the window reference too LOL!

    1. That “Something New” concept is being encouraged. I’m open to it but oddly enough, men of “other persuasions” don’t hit on me. ::shrugs:: My thought is that women should do what’s comfortable for them and approach every new opportunit with an open mind.

  4. You know what? I can’t even keep the stats–or the hacks quoting them, for that matter–straight anymore. I’ve reached that STFHU point with these jive emus! I’m just looking forward to an all-around stable GROWN ARSE MAN who’ll adequately provide for me and my daughter with some dang sense. I’m not gonna start on the single mom stats, which I’ve since disregarded…

    Barring that, WORD.

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