Likes and Dislikes


  • Springtime
  • Maxwell & Jill Scott on tour and coming to Atlanta in June!!!
  • Raheem Devaughn’s new CD
  • Chewing on ice.
  • Napping on the sofa
  • The smoothies I make from scratch. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar.


  • Drug companies
  • Religious zealots and extremists of any kind
  • Beyonce’
  • PETA
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Southwestern decorating motifs…ugly as hell
  • Mainstream Media

My lists are short this week! I didn’t realize how difficult it would be finding things I like. Oh, my Dislike list can be very long! 😉

I do like how this is forcing me to find more positives though…I should add that to the list! 😀

5 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. Love, love, love the list this week! I’m having the same problem… dislikes go on and on! lol.

    Okay, I thought I was one of handful of people who likes to chew ice. too cool. And you already know how I feel about BOUNCE– oops beyonce. 😉

  2. Too funny @ how hard it is finding things liked opposed to long list of dislike. I feel you.

    We both LIKE Raheem’s new joint. Isn’t it the bomb music? He reminds me of a young Marvin Gaye on this particular album. His guest list reads like a who’s who.

    I like smoothies and spring.

    You dislike Beyonce? LOL! She has been in the public eye a bit too much, hasn’t she?

    PETA is the worst.

  3. A bit late, but sod it….

    1) Some brilliant, fantastically long and detailed email exchanges recently.
    2) Bass speakers in the floor of cinemas.
    3) Pho noodles.
    4) Being appreciated by someone this week has been utterly invigorating.

    1) The Catholic Church – making my blood boil on a daily basis as they continually treat the hundreds (probably thousands) of children abused by the clergy with utter contempt.
    2) The fact that credit agencies are STILL allowed to decide the credit-worthiness of countries, despite the fact they are massively to blame for the global economic meltdown. This is one section of industry that has clean got away with it.
    3) The state of Israel, and their US lobbyists. Again – blood boilingly ire-inducing.

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