Likes and Dislikes


  • Sushi – specifically the Sumo Roll @ The Kani House
  • The ringtone on my phone assigned to my mother. Listen HERE.
  • That feeling I get when I’ve reached a goal or completed a difficult project or task
  • A man with clean hands and fingernails, not necessarily manicured but “clean”
  • Animated movies (i.e. The Incredibles, Up, Monsters Inc., Cars, Ratatouille,) Just about anything Pixar puts out
  • The smell of a Cinnabon store!!
  • The embrace of a strong sensual man to whom I’m attracted and nuzzling my nose in his neck.
  • Focus, Motivation, Discipline, Productivity – my mantra for 2010
  • Tutoring Victor in reading on Saturday mornings.
  • The fact that Bath & Body Works has brought back it’s “Breath” line. They never should have discontinued it to begin with!!


  • Cats – enough said.
  • Most men born under the zodiac Libra – moody little bitchasses! OMG!!!
  • The Circus & SeaWorld – wild animals performing tricks is NOT cool.
  • Long toenails – they creep me out. Ew
  • Fake ass people. Don’t smile in my face if you don’t like me…Do you see me smiling in yours?
  • US Postal workers – Lazy, Rude and Bad attitudes
  • Facebook – I’m only on there to share photos with family.
  • Dating sites such as eHarmony &
  • Using public restrooms
  • When people say “Well, I don’t have a choice.” You always have a choice.

11 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. **Waves ever-so-clean’n’fresh hands & nails, then shimmies short toe-nailed feet in Choc’s direction.Then smiles his Pisces smile…..**
    My list for the week is:
    1) This Like/Dislike listing thing
    2) The Wolfman animation I linked on OHN. Haven’t seen it in ages. It’s brilliant….!
    3) Finally discovering one or two of the things expected of me as best man for a wedding in May
    4) Being best man
    5) My football team – Arsenal!
    6) The woman I saw from the bus the other day – WOW!!
    7) Stores that offer 30% off on their core collection of denim

    1) The distasteful nature of some sports reporting in my country
    2) Ryan Shawcross (don’t worry Americans, it’s a little parochial British thing. Sports and all that…..)
    3) The proposed loss of BBC Radio 6.

    1. Pisces huh? That means you’re bday is nearing? Keep those nail (feet and hands) straight my man! LOL Did you at least say hello to the woman on the train? 😉

      1. I was on the bus, she was outside. Not possible, unfortunately, but boy was she a looker……

  2. Hey now my sister is a postal worker and she’s awesome lol

    yea me and cats don’t get along…I’m allergic but those things LOVE me…let me walk into a house with a cat, the little fourlegged sneeze-fest comes right up to me wanting to cuddle and purr and junk…ugh

    1. I’m sure your sister is great…even as a postal worker. But they are few and far in between! LOL Well, that’s my experience anyway! 😉

  3. Cool list this week! I really love the “mom” ringtone! LOL.
    Don’t think I’ve met a Libra before, but Gemini’s– those double-sided fools gives me gas! Talk about moody! The only one I’ve dealt with was my grandmother. I can usually smell them a mile away too! They put the “K” in CRAZY!!!

  4. You hate cats??? Really?? usually when people say they hate cats, they either had a bad experience with them or they are severely allergic to them. I adore my cats, but I don’t expect everyone to, so I lock them up when people come by

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