Tillikum – Killikum….REDRUM REDRUM!!

That’s it! I am joining PETA!!!

HA!! There’s no way in HELL that is ever happening but this latest incident at SeaWorld in Orlando has irked the shit out of me.

If you have not heard about the Orca, Tillikum, killing its trainer, Dawn Brancheau, you’ve been under a rock somewhere. So, if that is the case, you can read about it HERE and HERE.

I have never been an “animal rights” advocate. The only “rights” any animal in the food chain has is the right to be on my plate fried, smothered-n-covered, medium rare, or well done. Domesticated pets such as cats and dogs are the exception. AND for the record – I HATE PETA with every fiber of my being.

Tillikum Killikum

However, theat being said, I am totally disgusted with the position SeaWorld has taken in the wake of Dawn Brancheau’s death at the hands jaws of Tillikum. They have attributed this “accident” to trainer error and the show must go on. Starting tomorrow, Saturday 2/27, the “killer” whale show will resume with the stipulation being trainers will not be allowed in the water with the animals.

Am I the only person angered by this?

The SeaWorld corporation sees its bottom line too important to do the right thing. They stand to loose too much money by releasing the whales back into their natural habitat. The reason they are trying to sell to the general public is that they are doing us a great service by allowing you to see the animals up close, educating us about them, and basically preserving the species – regardless of the harm done to the animal and the loss of human life. (Check the video below)

Needless to say – I couldn’t disagree more strongly!

As long as the demand is there – meaning as long as YOU pay to see “Shamu & Friends”, SeaWorld will continue to exploit these animals and undoubtedly, more trainers will die. Neither of which sits well with me.

But I am only one person. ::shrugs::

Where do you stand on the issue?

11 thoughts on “Tillikum – Killikum….REDRUM REDRUM!!

  1. I was SO pissed when I read their decision. Basically the money is more important than their employees or the whales. *sigh* They need to die. But you know folks will continue to go.

  2. what was even more foul was the spokesperson president or whatever giving a statement in front of a tank full of killer whales….

  3. For me, as much as it annoys me, I also hope they continue on. Because it stands as a perfect example of our exploitation of the wild. From hunting elephants and rhinos for their tusks to killing tortoises for their shells, Seaworld is simply the freak show element of this mass exploitation. There’s not a lot of difference between Seaworld, and the travelling shows of the 18th & 19th centuries. Why not let them continue then, seeing as we humans like toying with animals….it can stand as a symbol of human ignorance until we begin to step up to the plate.

    I love meat, and will eat it as much as I can, but that doesn’t give me, a human, the right to lord of the natural world like I’m some kind of superbaddy from Spiderman.

    So, continue on. And feel I no sympathy for their employees. Remember, they CHOOSE to take those jobs. If they don’t put proper thought into what their embarking on, so be it. Deal with the consequences.

  4. What I found distasteful, was right after it happened, the Sea World spin doctors started releasing that she “fell” into the tank and then the whale just drowned her, when everyone in the audience told the press that the whale came up to her, snatched her up by the waist, and proceeded to shake her like a dog with a bone! WTF people?? Trying to spin and cover up something that really needs to be told right from the get go is cowardly. Dawn deserves better.

  5. You’re a moron. It’s a shame an idiot like you is taking up space on this planet, may you die a horrible death as the main dish on some animal’s plate.

    1. Well look here…it seems I pissed someone off! Must be a vegan member of PETA! I think you need some animal flesh in your diet. Take care and have a nice day…mkaythx buh-bye.

  6. There’s Campbell Brown. LOL.

    Anyways, I guess Sea World didn’t understand that killer meant just that, killer. It’s scary to think that two other deaths have been tied to this particular whale and it continues to be a coming attraction at Sea World.

    That is scary.

  7. I’ve never been to Seaworld, never had a desire. I love animals but I’ve learned about them through READING! I know, how corny for someone to pick up a book to educate themselves about our beautiful wild life.

    For them to take the approach that is the ONLY way to educate about wild life is absurd to me. This is exploitative and about a bottom line only. Killer whale means just that. So if parents want to take a chance that their children may see a tragic death, well… that’s on them. This whale (after all) is a two time killer…

  8. yeah this situation was really messed up. And I’m with you that they seem to be more concerned about the bottom-line figures. They also said that the whale has grown up in captivity so if they release it, it will not be able to join a heard and “hunt” for food, and would probably die in the wild. That may by a steamy pile of bullshit though. They should release the whale and allow it to be free, even if the freedom maybe short term.

    Oh and also I HATE PETA too. I always wanted to write a post about how much I hate them and the idiot celebs who blindly follow them.

  9. Dawn was a beautiful person. She had a love for animals as I do. It is a tradegy what happened to her. Trainers know the dangers and a accident can happen, sadly it happened to her. We need more people like her in the world. She would not want tillikum to be destroyed. She loved the whales. So we have to respect her love for the whales. Sea World is dealing with the situation just fine and they know what they are doing much better than we do. We tend to over react and not know all the facts what really happened. Lets all be in favor for what Dawn would have wanted in this situation.

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