Where’s Karyn? Mostly Likely in Prison

karyn1162009In December 2007, three posts appeared on the Chocl8t Diaries about Karyn Hancock. First about her disappearance, then when she was found, and finally about what drove her to run and lie.

You can read the posts HERE and HERE.

On yesterday Mrs Hancock was sentenced to four years in prison from stealing more than $600,000 from clients.

The 36-year old stood silent and emotionless as the judge sentenced her to the next four years in prison.

“We sort of have a policy in the office. If an attorney steals from clients they go to prison. That was our attitude towards this. So we think it’s an appropriate sentence,” Chris Anderson-prosecutor.

Before sentencing victims shared their stories how McConnell-Hancock forged checks, submitted false claims, and then used their money to pay back other clients. [SOURCE]

She will be eligible for parole in 180 days. Six months? WOW.

I think she is getting off easy if you ask me. She probably will not serve the entire sentence – probably less than 2 years. How is that justice for the victims?

What do you think? Is that a “light” sentence”?

2 thoughts on “Where’s Karyn? Mostly Likely in Prison

  1. She’ll be out in 6 months. And probably dip into whereever she has the rest of the money stashed, pay people back, and have no remorse. Time will tell.

  2. I know people that know this lady, since I like in Ohio. People was hella sad for her, and they were trying to blame the preacher husband of her’s for him being too controlling and whatnot. This woman’s Dad is a judge, and even HE had to pull some dayum strings to get her what she got,..6 months in jail. Although he could have did more, like I said, he IS a judge, and I guess he had to teach baby girl a lesson and on top of that, not get disbarred his own dayum self.

    Oh well,..see you on OHN’s blog,….

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