Karyn Hancock

karyn1162009In December 2007, three posts appeared on the Chocl8t Diaries about Karyn Hancock. First about her disappearance, then when she was found, and finally about what drove her to run and lie.

You can read the posts HERE and HERE.

On yesterday Mrs Hancock was sentenced to four years in prison from stealing more than $600,000 from clients.

The 36-year old stood silent and emotionless as the judge sentenced her to the next four years in prison.

“We sort of have a policy in the office. If an attorney steals from clients they go to prison. That was our attitude towards this. So we think it’s an appropriate sentence,” Chris Anderson-prosecutor.

Before sentencing victims shared their stories how McConnell-Hancock forged checks, submitted false claims, and then used their money to pay back other clients. [SOURCE]

She will be eligible for parole in 180 days. Six months? WOW.

I think she is getting off easy if you ask me. She probably will not serve the entire sentence – probably less than 2 years. How is that justice for the victims?

What do you think? Is that a “light” sentence”?

karyn.jpgAccording to news outlets, Mrs. Hancock has recanted her tale of abduction. She apparently was under a lot of stress and instead of reaching out for help, she ran away.

Police would not discuss a motive, but Hancock’s husband Lawrence Hancock said his wife has been having psychological problems for several years.

“She experienced a meltdown and attempted to handle those matters without the assistance of professional help or others. Karyn elected to leave everything because she felt that she was unable to continue,” he said.

Police said at a news conference Tuesday that she recanted Monday after eight hours of questioning. Hancock will likely be charged with making a false police report, said Police Chief Mike Navarre.


As I stated in my last post on Mrs. Hancock, her story didn’t “gel” with me. A commenter on another blog stated this story reminded her of Jennifer Wilbanks, a Georgia bride who ran off claiming she was abducted by a Mexican man and a white female.

I’m saving my “comments” for later. But tell me, what do you think?

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