Grace Community Church Not So Full Of Grace

churchI absolutely loathe over zealous Christians. Let’s be honest here, I loathe zealots no matter their cause or calling. However this group here has overstepped there boundaries, in my honest opinion.

A 49-year-old Florida woman says her former church is threatening to reveal her sins to its congregation after learning that she is in a “sexually immoral relationship.”

Rebecca Hancock told that Grace Community Church, a non-denominational church in Jacksonville, Fla., was against her relationship with boyfriend Frank Young because the two were sexually active but not married. [SOURCE]

My first question was ‘how did they even know?’ Apparently Rebecca Hancock was running off at the mouth to one of the church members about getting her freak on with her man.

Hancock, who is divorced, said the problems began in March, when she started telling her church mentor about her relationship – in what she thought were confidential conversations.

“As it progressed I told her about it and she said, ‘You’ve got to get out, you’re biblically wrong,'” Hancock said.

WOW. Her advice wasn’t that Ms Hancock, (oh, the irony of her name), should stop having sexual relations but that she should leave the man alone completely.

Uhmmmm. Okay. HATER! I’m willing to bet you all the silver and gold this old prune of “mentor” is in an unhappy, sexless marriage or is a single, sex deprived, mean ass witch of a shrew!!

Hancock learned that her private sessions with her mentor hadn’t been so private after all, when in October her mentor pulled her aside in church and asked her come into another room.

“In the room, there were several women that I never told my business to. And they proceeded to tell me about my business and what I was doing and what a sinner I was – just persecuting me.” Hancock said. “One of the ladies was even saying ‘I was at your house when you didn’t come home all night.'”

Are you kidding me? One of the church ladies camped out in front of Ms Hancock’s home!! Oh if that isn’t “stalkerish” I don’t know what is!!!

coupleGrace Community Church’s reasons for putting Ms Hancock’s business on BLAST to the entire congrations is due what they call “the process of loving accountability” to deal with “sinners“. The process includes private admonishment, admonishment in the presence of witnesses and finally public admonishment.  This is even AFTER Ms Hancock has formerly resigned her membership to the church. She is no longer a member and they, the church, has decided to proceed with the final step.

Well, ain’t that about a b*tch and a half?!!

I believe in accountability and all but this is taking it too dayum far. Too far!!! I think this church has failed! FAILED! FAILED!! Instead of winning souls for God their turning them away and turning them off. It’s no wonder so many people are anti-religion. How can we blame them?

Make no mistake….the day any church member decides to air what I’ve revealed to them in confidence about my freakum activities,  is the day er’body’s little “indiscretions” are put in the church bulletin, handed out with the tithes envelopes. 😉

So, what do you think? Do you think the church is right or wrong? Why or Why not?

12 thoughts on “Grace Community Church Not So Full Of Grace

  1. What happened to if you are without sin, then by all means cast the first stone? And how about the one judge not least you be judge? And who are they to be the ones to judge? Sometimes, people go a little too far, in the name of Christianity. Wasn’t it Jesus who approached the leper, and wasn’t a former prostitute a follower of Jesus? I think a church should be a place to go for acceptance and compasion and for solace. I for one, would rather worship at home, than attend a church such as Grace.

    1. jsnana–These questions that you are making are not very strong. First of all, I would not agree with how the church has handled it (based on one side of the story) but your first question is answered by Jesus telling the adulterous woman “Go and sin no more”. everyone forgets that part. Second, Scripture lays out the plan and purpose of church discipline in Matthew 18 (Jesus talking). Notice also you mentioned a “former” prostitue following Jesus. Notice that it was a former…does that mean Christians are perfect. NO. But Christians are to be constantly dying to sin and living in righteousness. God has given the church authority to deal with situations like this.

  2. The church is right to take a stance for it’s belief.
    It’s not like the rules were not known before hand.

    Is it right for them to out her?

    I dont like it, but as long as she is going to that church it is their right to minister to the flock, she knew it was a sin and she went to church and ran her mouth about it.

    Thats the problem today this is an example of why people dont want ot go to church, because their afraid their business is going to be out there.

    But the truth is if your business wasnt about sin you would have none to put out there.

    People like to play the chruch and really God like an idiot, sin six days a week but as long as I go to church on the 7th I am good.


    If thays how it works than I got no respect for God.

    1. Hi there,

      I am sorry to dissapoint you;
      God isnt the one to be blame…we are sinners and as long as we live on earth, we will continually to be sinners.

      She shouldnt having sex with somebody before marriedges; that is (if ) she is a true christian…
      When Jesus comes into our heart, we just want to obey him, althought sometimes might be difficult,
      we ask for him to help with that particular issue….

      Gabriela Pratas

  3. What are they thinking? This woman is a human being that they have basically turned their backs on instead of giving her more love and praying more for her! She will be judged just like the rest of us when she goes to heaven. Don’t turn your backs on her!Think about what Our Saviour will judge you for because of turning your back on a wonderful human being!

  4. I have to agree with part of what Mike says – the church had rules and each member is to abide by them. Furthermore, she probably knew the rules beforehand. That only makes the church right as in having the right by way of the disbursement of their rules and subsequent punishment. As for morally right – way off base.

    I don’t know what god they serve, but that’s not the way my God’s church is set up to work.

    “Love covers a multitude of sins”. That doesn’t mean that the church keeps one’s secrets, but that your sin is forgiven by the love that God has for you. If you have sin in your life, correction – we all do – have in unto yourself. Your sins are your sins and should not be broadcast unto anyone else. That is what puzzles me about the Catholic church. How can you confess your sins and expect them to be kept between you and priest?

    This does tend to move people to not want to attend church. The best advice I can give for people to protect themselves is to find a pastor who preaches the gospel – that is – preaches straight from the bible. If one follows The Word, then all that others have to say or do should be of no consequence.

    Being a born again believer, I can only speak from a Christian’s (my definition of “Christian”, that is) point of view. Others make their own interpretation of God’s will. I belong to a huge church with a huge congregation. I enjoy the pastor’s words and take that and only that with me when I leave. I know for certain that I am not without sin, but heaven knows I’m not about to blab it.

    I do believe that church has stepped off the path of righteousness and onto the path to Hell.

    Don’t you just hate it when people stop by your spot and preach for hours on end? Sorry. Peace.

  5. I can’t believe folks think there’s gray area here! The church is wrong, of course. She even taken measures by getting out of that church, which is the correct thing to do, and they’re still pursuing her. That’s utter nonsense. Who’s business is it? The lover and Hancock’s *tee-hee*
    I’m sorry, Choc! I tried to keep this one serious but the name also cracks me up, and mentally, I’m still in the sixth grade. Coincidentally, those folks are behaving like scary sixth graders. Like Children of the Corn. Scary.

  6. What a stupid argument by Ms. Hancock. She is concerned about her business being told to her church people, then she goes and blabs it herself to FoxNews which blabs it to the entire freaking country. This woman is just plain stupid and makes me wonder what her real motives are in this.

    1. I totally agree with you….,
      Pastor John Macarthuris from this church?

      If it is….well its sad, If this is all true. But there is no perfect church, as long we are there, right.
      I listen to John Macarthur live and on my pc, and i thank God for him.B´cause we need preachers like him whose not afraid to speak the simple gospel with no flowers, just pure.
      its beautifu.l

  7. As long as the church has the exact same approach toward everyone in its congregation I do not have a problem with it. Why did she say anything in the first place? Perhaps she wanted silence on their part so as to give herself permission in her conscience? Looks like that backfired.

    I would not worry too much about it. The church is burning up from porno anyways, 40%+ women and 55%+ men are looking at it online along with 64% of the leadership.

    America is going down.

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