churchI absolutely loathe over zealous Christians. Let’s be honest here, I loathe zealots no matter their cause or calling. However this group here has overstepped there boundaries, in my honest opinion.

A 49-year-old Florida woman says her former church is threatening to reveal her sins to its congregation after learning that she is in a “sexually immoral relationship.”

Rebecca Hancock told that Grace Community Church, a non-denominational church in Jacksonville, Fla., was against her relationship with boyfriend Frank Young because the two were sexually active but not married. [SOURCE]

My first question was ‘how did they even know?’ Apparently Rebecca Hancock was running off at the mouth to one of the church members about getting her freak on with her man.

Hancock, who is divorced, said the problems began in March, when she started telling her church mentor about her relationship – in what she thought were confidential conversations.

“As it progressed I told her about it and she said, ‘You’ve got to get out, you’re biblically wrong,'” Hancock said.

WOW. Her advice wasn’t that Ms Hancock, (oh, the irony of her name), should stop having sexual relations but that she should leave the man alone completely.

Uhmmmm. Okay. HATER! I’m willing to bet you all the silver and gold this old prune of “mentor” is in an unhappy, sexless marriage or is a single, sex deprived, mean ass witch of a shrew!!

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