Random Ramblings

overloadI have a few things on my mind and I need to vent. Some of the following have amused me while others have pissed me off. Others just leave me perplexed with that befuddled look on my face. 😐

So…here goes it:

– Why is the general public, or better yet, main stream media shocked when women who are 40+ years  are in shape and look great? This recent media blitz over Jennifer Anniston posing nude in American GQ irritated the shit out of me. I mean, really. When a woman turns 40 she doesn’t fall into some abysmal pit of hell people!!! Well, some don’t. I know I haven’t and don’t plan on doing so either.

– I spent the majority of my adult life wanting to get married and have children. Wondering when it was going to happen and with each birthday growing more and more anxious that time was slipping away thus creating a shorter window of opportunity for this to materialize. Well, no more! I’m at a good place in my life. I’m happy and content with where I am with the exception of a few minor things. The idea of traveling is more appealing than getting pregnant, gaining weight, and pushing a little 7lb human parasite out of my pleasure palace! UGGGHHHH!!!! 

This decision was not the result of one of my past infamous pity parties where out of shear frustration and anxiety I threw down the gauntlet with God declaring I was giving up. It came from a quiet peace…a place of calm and knowing. The decision has not left me feeling disappointed or that I’ve been cheated in some way. But what is has managed to do is leave me feeling more excited about the future than I’ve been in a very, very long time. Hallejuherrrr….now pour me glass of wine…this party has only just begun. 😀

– I am thinking about taking on a lover. Yes, you read that right! Hell, I’m a woman with needs dammit! 😉 I am in the recruitment process right now. This little declaration is NOT a request for anyone to submit an application for I am faaaaar too picky to accept one from some random fella.

– Said lover would really come in handy if it does snow tonight. Hrrmmm…Dammit! I need to schedule that bikini wax soon!

confusedWhat the hell is worse while having someone live with you: Going to the fridge to eat your left over spaghetti & meatballs and it’s all gone or…. to discover there’s only 1 freakin meatball left? After making pancakes you discover there’s no more syrup or only a teaspoon left in the corner of the Aunt Jemima bottle? Am I supposed to view this as consideration you didn’t eat it all and you did leave ‘something’? [insert perplexed and befuddled look here]

Well, that about does it. What’s on your mind? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. It seems our society only appreciates the younger ladies even when us more mature women are still HOT. But you know what – that’s their problem – not ours.

    Having & raising children in today’s world is over-rated and challenging. The gub-ber-ment is too much up in your business when you feel a need to put your children in check. Have you ever tried to rationalize with a 2 year old? If you give them a firm tap on the rear end – some well meaning idiot with no children will call the po-po.

    Glad you found peace with yourself.

    My thoughts this evening are on this economy and where we are heading in the next few years. Will we find ourselves in a full blown depression, fighting for food, jobs, basic needs? From what I’m reading these days it seems we are on the brink of becoming a dayum third world nation and quite frankly it’s frightening.

  2. @ Nana – I can’t kick her out. She’s one of my closest friends. However, the experience is beginning to tax my brain.

    @ AJ – The economy has triggered many thoughts and worries. I’ve decided to rely on my faith in God and not focus on what appears to be a long, long haul. While it concerns me, living in fear is in direct opposition to my faith and right now that’s about all I have. 🙂

    @ Jaila – thus the decision NOT to have children. LOL 😉

  3. Well, I sure hope that you know yourself. I have many female friends who opted not to have children and they are as happy as can be. Being a parent, I can say that there is little in this world that tops looking into the eyes of a child that you have brought into this world (me only having helped, being a male, of course). That is me. That is MY opinion. I never try to force my own opinions on anyone else. I do, however, stress the enjoyment that I receive as a result of following my own opinions, parenthood being one. Consider this:

    One of my exes has a twenty-five year old son. Her body rivals that of Tyra Banks, Sanaa Lathan, etc. My greatest example would have to be Garcelle Beauvais (must see her spread in Playboy to really appreciate what a great body one can have, even after giving birth). A lot of women let their bodies go and – yes – they LOOK like they’ve had a few kids. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Some women have children after forty and live very healthy lives – it just takes a great deal of care. Defeating my purpose, I’ve never liked that idea. However, it happens.

    You know you better than anyone else, and only you can make the right decision. I just thought that I’d throw my two cents in to give you one more point of view, in the event that in your mind, you haven’t truly made up your mind. Ranting doesn’t always bring out the true thoughts – merely the frustration, anger, or discontent. Whatever the case may be, I wish you the best.

    Roomie has got to go. Here’s a worn-out, faded gem that still holds true: only you can make you miserable. Think about it and then tell roomie “Get ta steppin'”, in a sweet way, of course.

    After re-gaining your castle, get your freak on! Celibacy, abstination, and all that other BS is for the birds. We all have needs that need to be tended to. It hard to get around that Christian upbringing, though, isn’t it? Have fun. I know – I’m being hypocritical. I chalk it up to the idea that no one is perfect, we can’t get everything right. Peace.

  4. : shrugs : because most chicks over 40 DON’T look well put together. It is what it is. Can’t get mad at facts and examples. Most women over 40 are married with kids and aint trying to pickup nothing but toys off the kitchen floor. So they arent thinking about the fact they went from shopping at Bebe to shopping at lane bryant.

    that’s truth.

  5. Choc, don’t forget to give us a look at the party outfit. I gotta see ya in the slinky black dress and those awesome red shoes. Did the OC gasp, as he should.

  6. @ Freedom – I am certain about the decision. No fret and no worries. Having made the decision has lifted such a weight off my shoulders. Oh and yeah…that Christian upbringing tends to clash with my ‘freakum’ activities. Thank God for grace though. LOL 😀

    @ Slaus – We are the authors of our own truths. It is what it is but it can always be different if we choose to make it so.

    @ Mike – LOL…did you miss the last sentence in that paragraph? I do appreciate and I am flattered by the interest. 😉

    @ Nana – I’ll be emailing you sweetie! 🙂

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