Chocl8t’s Shoe Addiction

mynewshoesI don’t think I’m any different than hundreds of other women out there that love shoes! I mean…really, really LOVE shoes! I can’t put into words just what a new pair of kicks will do to me.

At last count, I had well over 50+ pairs of shoes that includes pumps, sandals, sneakers, and boots. Okay, think Imelda Marcus but with not as much discretionary income nor closet space. 😉 If ever I became filthy rich, I think I may need an intervention of some sort!

With a couple of holiday parties coming up I had the perfect excuse to go shopping for shoes. Well, I really don’t need an excuse…just some money.

I found the perfect little black dress at The Limited and I needed a pair of fierce pumps to make it do what it do!

Taking the advice of a fellow shoe affecianado, I ventured over to Victoria’s Secret online and there she was…in all her red patent leather glory. It arrived yesterday! When I opened the box it looked like a piece of candy, bright red and shiny!!! It kind of reminds me of a glass Christmas tree decoration.

Let me tell you…this shoe is HOT!  HAUTE!  HAWT!!!

Tell me what you think of my new shoes!

13 thoughts on “Chocl8t’s Shoe Addiction

  1. HAWT Baby HAWT! LBD and red shoes? Keep the paramedics on speed dial cuz the menzes might need some help after seeing you. 🙂 BTW…I love shoes too.

  2. I share that love of shoes, but, I don’t have near that many! Whatever floats your boat. I happen to think that tremendously high heels are the sexiest ever. My addiction is to electronic gadgets – I have a “few”. Looks like someone may have a prince looking for the owner of a pair of hot, red heels. Then, again, I doubt if either would ever get left behind. Enjoy them.

    About that story – write the d*mn thing!! Peace.

  3. @ Eve – I have a couple pair of peep toe shoes also. Just recently purchased from Bakers! 🙂 (In Black) (In Brown)

    @ Kimmy – I’ll be sure to take lots of photos! 😉

    @ Adrienne – I feel ya girl!

    @ Freedom – Men don’t always appreciate the shoe fetish until they reap the benefits of seeing them on…usually…just the shoes. 😉

  4. Hello there!

    I am a minister and someone suggested that since the church as a program for alcoholic and a program for drug addicts that we need to have a program for shopping addicts. People started chuckling but it REALLY is a major problem that causes many people to go into serious debt!!

    Shopping addiction is like any other addiction really. Shoppers have their “purchase of choice” just like a drug addict has a “drug of choice”. I think that people don’t take it seriously just how compusive shopping can become and how much it can serve as an outlet for MANY unaddressed emotional issues.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. @ BlackWomen – Thank you for your concern but I am not addicted to shopping. My outlet for “emotional issues” is prayer, meditation, excercise, and of course, writing. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

    @ AJ & IW – I can not wait to strut around on Friday night in those shoes!! ::hee hee hee

  6. Choc girl, those shoes at Bakers are “off the chain”!!!!!!! Love, love ’em. How come I didn’t know Bakers was online? My arse is going shopping!

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