All These Things – A Meme

cerebralMy fellow blogger, Jaila at So Shall It Be,  has inspired me to do something different today. So here goes it….

10 Things you wish you could say to ten different people

  1. You could get it, witcho sexxy ass! 😉
  2. I don’t feel the need to talk to you every day.
  3. Your daughter is cute but she’s an annoying little smart-ass with too much mouth.
  4. Those jeans may be a size ten but your ass is a size 12 heffa!
  5. Mind your business and stay in your lane.
  6. Not even if you were the last man on earth!
  7. Please do me a favor and not try to pronounce my name.
  8. Were you aware that your booty has a booty sitting on top?
  9. You can shut up now…mmmkay.
  10. You’re not as cool as you think you are, sorry dude. LOL

9 Things about yourself

  1. I like living alone.
  2. I hate touching raw meat, it gives me the creeps.
  3. I don’t want to have children because I don’t want to gain weight.
  4. The sound of muscle cars turns me on.
  5. I wish I wasn’t so hairy.
  6. I love cooking and trying new recipes.
  7. I’m bored easily and I have to feel challenged in order for something to keep my attention for any length of time
  8. I am fiercely loyal to family, friends and lovers.
  9. Despite my “take no shit” demeanor, I’m a soft-hearted person

8 Ways to win my heart

  1. Make me laugh.
  2. Make me think.
  3. If you’re at my house, take out my trash without asking me.
  4. Buy me a book that I haven’t read before.
  5. Read what I write.
  6. Be honest and open.
  7. Come to my defense when I’d least expect it.
  8. Keep you word.

7 Things that cross my mind a lot

  1. The next step.
  2. Sex
  3. Writing.
  4. How I could do more for my mom financially.
  5. My purpose in this life
  6. How long will this last
  7. Him

6 Thing I do before I fall asleep

  1. Bath
  2. Remove my contacts
  3. Take my allergy meds
  4. Say Thanks to God
  5. Yawn
  6. Stretch

5 People I couldn’t live without

  1. Mom
  2. Sister
  3. Chontele
  4. Skylar
  5. Jalen

4 Things I am wearing right now

  1. Socks
  2. Panties
  3. T-shirt
  4. Glasses

3 Songs that fit my life perfectly

  1. In A Sentimental Mood – Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
  2. Woman – Raheem DeVaughn
  3. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Kahn & Whitney Houston

2 Thing I want to do before I die

  1. A triathlon
  2. Visit Australia

1 Confession

  1. Hmmmm….Nah. Some things are better left  as is. 😉


8 thoughts on “All These Things – A Meme

  1. On that first list, I’ve said about six of those things to different people, and one of them has been said to me. Those things have occurred because I don’t seem to have a filter between my head and my mouth.
    It’s a mixed blessing, lol.

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