Giving Thanks

thanksgivingThe holiday season is here. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and taking time to thank God for all blessings. Some of those blessings have occurred right here.

I’ve been at this blog thing for a little over a year now and I am grateful to my regular readers and commenters who have continued to encourage me to write.

As I was sitting here reflecting on the past year I began to think about some of my favorite posts. They are my favorites because they have made you laugh out loud or managed to strike an emotional chord. Some received many hits and/or comments, some others…not so much.

So while you’re recovering from stuffing your face with turkey, escaping the seemingly never-ending football games, or recuperating from Black Friday shopping, take a few minutes and check out some of Chocl8t’s favorite posts.

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 😀

5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. So, what you tryin’ to say? You don’t like football or somethin’? How dare you! I hope that your holiday was wonderful and that all the family was fine. Now . . . on to those beloved posts. Peace.

  2. Well, read a few that I missed and the same thought that hit me when I first ventured to your site: is this woman playing with a full deck? And, your comments are even funnier than the posts at times. Then I read “Meredith” and realized how compassionate you can be. You do good work. Don’t ever change. Peace.

  3. Hope you Thanksgiving with your family was filled with many blessings. You, my friend, are a sweetheart and I’m thankful for our friendship. (Please tell me you DID watch the Cowboy game at least.) 😀

  4. @ Freedom – Thanks for the encouraging words. Oh, and I don’t “hate” football I just don’t find pleasure in watching it for 10+ hours straight. 😉

    @ Nana – I had a great Thanksgiving. Spent it quietly at my sister’s with my niece and nephews. 😀

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