Oprah’s Being Unfair!! How ‘Bout Some Cheese w/ That Whine?

Sooooo, some of Oprah’s fans are crying foul because she will not invite the Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, to her show until after the election.

She’s being two-faced,” said Dr. Cindy Grossman-Green, a pediatrician and Oprah fan from outside Philadelphia. “She initially had Obama on her show, but now that she’s decided [to support him], she won’t have any other political candidates on.”


Whine much? How about some cheese?

She has publically endorsed Barack Obama and has assisted in his fundraising you nimrod! Why in the world would she invite and subsequently give invaluable airtime to his competitors? Not a very strategic move, no?

Once she brings Obama on and opens the door to political people [on her show], it’s only fair to bring both Republicans and Democrats on,” she added.

Fair? Fair? Unlike mass media outlets, Oprah isn’t required to give “fair” airtime to political candidates, she doesn’t have to be “balanced“. In case you missed it, the name of her show is THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. Not ABC, not CBS, not NBC, FOX, CNN, etc. She doesn’t have a board of directors or investors to answer to. She doesn’t have to be “unbiased” in her presentation of topics or invited guests.

But you over zealous feminist women who are whining about “fairness” are the same ones, I imagine, that were pissy with Oprah when she decided to support Obama in the first place. You [die-hard feminist] got your granny panties all in a bunch because she decided NOT to endorse Hillary Clinton. You wanted her to pledge allegiance to female power…to Va Jay Jays everywhere. Yeah, I get it.

However, you’ve seemed to have slept on one big factor here. While Ms Winfrey is a woman…she still is a black woman who hails from a humble beginning in the hills of Mississippi. A state steeped in an ugly history of racial bigotry and injustices. Now I can’t speak for Ms Winfrey because she does a far better job of it anyway and I don’t know the lady. But I would gamble to say that Barack Obama struck a chord with her as he did many. Something resonated within her soul.

Here is a man that isn’t pandering to one particular group of people because he can see the bigger picture. Here is a man that represents hope and who doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and working hard for “the people” in his community and subsequently, his country. And this is a Black man. An African American Man.

Forty five years after Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington, DC, we are seeing the fruits of his labor (and the Civil Rights Movement). Forty five years after the blood, sweat, tears, and death of so many black men and women a Black Man is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States!! It gives me goosebumps!!

It is my humble opinion that young black boys and men need to see this example of responsibility, hard work, and hope far more so than feminist women trying to break through the glass ceiling. The 18 million cracks are there…ya just gotta wait your turn and STOP THE DAYUM WHINING!!

13 thoughts on “Oprah’s Being Unfair!! How ‘Bout Some Cheese w/ That Whine?

  1. furthermore — if oprah got her on the show and tore her apart, they would still cry foul, even while oprah is just doing her job of asking the right questions. so, oprah is right to defer any political interviews, especially after having declared her adovocy for obama, until after november.

  2. Palin is not now, nor will she ever be in the same league as Hillary Clinton. Oprah’s show, she has the right to have on anyone she pleases at any time she pleases. She writes the checks and pays the bills. I applaud her for sticking to her guns. Good job Choc!

  3. First, I think the republicans know Palin isn’t “polished” enough or “saavy” enough to handle herself in an interview. She is being “prepped” as I type this I’m sure b/c I heard Charles Gibson from ABC will be interviewing her soon.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m surprised there were no “dissenting” lurkers who decided to post. Maybe next time. tee hee hee 😀

  4. Last time I looked, Oprah picked who she wanted for HER show, not her viewers. Why she gon’ start now?

    But I would love to see her stomp Palin into dust after the election is over. I’m just sayin.

    Loved the post, choc!

  5. Oprah has always stuck to her guns before, why change now? Go O’s! Obama and Oprah! I agree, it’s HER dayum show and she can have who she wants on it. I personally would loooove to see her interview Palin but understand why she’s not going to. I wouldn’t either. And these over zealous feminists need to stop whining and start looking at Palin as a politcal VP nominee and not just as a woman. Nothing she stands for is pro-woman. JMO

  6. I have been so perturbed at some of the shows that Oprah has aired, but, this is soooo right on the money. Like you said – “It’s THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW”!!! The name alone says it all – “I do what I want”. Even when it happens to be the right thing to do. Peace.

  7. Right, Oprah is a hypocrite. She has become exactly like the white establishment in power, and her little followers from the ghetto continue to rationalize her racist behavior. I am from the ghetto and at one time I felt she was our voice. Money has taken her to a level that is far from our roots because she is above and beyond it all. I no longer looked to her as someone from the hood, but someone who thinks she is better and can manipulate the little people in the hood to believe in ALL she is teaching. We are all to accept her ways in the name of ‘togetherness’ and all who think otherwise are racist or sellouts. Newsflash, she has soldout. Wealth, power, and influence are hard to give up and she now is no different. There is a new ghetto rep in the house, and that is the White House, and I am rooting for him. He will do everything he can to make do his best. Oprah thinks she is god, and by the way all her followers come to her rescue and throw sexism, racism, and justify her own biases it’s sad. She, who demands those in power to take responsibility for their actions now passive aggressively try to regain her viewers through posing as a humble victim of circumstance reaching out to the potential first Woman Vice-Presdient. For someone who was an advocate for women’s rights it had no place on her show until after the election. It may have been different if Palin was a black woman, but no one would dare say that. Oprah as the most influential woman in the country, has contributed to its downfall by reinforcing a culture of entitlement and political correctness. Check yourself people before you respond. You are blinded by her as she leads you to a life with beliefs that cannot stand.

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