Barack Obama

fortyfourToday at noon, the 44th President of the United States, Barack H. Obama, will be sworn into office. His right hand on the historical Lincoln Bible and his feet on the steps of United States Capitol which was built, in large part, by slaves.

To say this is a very historical moment in U.S. history is an understatement. This is a moment I thought I would never see in my lifetime.

Changing laws to outlaw racial discrimination was easy and paled in comparison to changing the hearts and minds of the people who actively sought to keep blacks and minorities oppressed. Even so, as a child I was told that I could be and do anything if I set my mind to it and worked hard to achieve it. However, growing up I realized those were lofty words of encouragement built on hope but steeped in doubt. 

But, today, this day, January 20, 2009, I can look at my nephews and tell them with confidence and conviction they live in a world where they can grow up to be President of the United States if they work hard.

I will be able to give them proof of that today.

Sooooo, some of Oprah’s fans are crying foul because she will not invite the Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, to her show until after the election.

She’s being two-faced,” said Dr. Cindy Grossman-Green, a pediatrician and Oprah fan from outside Philadelphia. “She initially had Obama on her show, but now that she’s decided [to support him], she won’t have any other political candidates on.”


Whine much? How about some cheese?

She has publically endorsed Barack Obama and has assisted in his fundraising you nimrod! Why in the world would she invite and subsequently give invaluable airtime to his competitors? Not a very strategic move, no?

Once she brings Obama on and opens the door to political people [on her show], it’s only fair to bring both Republicans and Democrats on,” she added.

Fair? Fair? Unlike mass media outlets, Oprah isn’t required to give “fair” airtime to political candidates, she doesn’t have to be “balanced“. In case you missed it, the name of her show is THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. Not ABC, not CBS, not NBC, FOX, CNN, etc. She doesn’t have a board of directors or investors to answer to. She doesn’t have to be “unbiased” in her presentation of topics or invited guests.

But you over zealous feminist women who are whining about “fairness” are the same ones, I imagine, that were pissy with Oprah when she decided to support Obama in the first place. You [die-hard feminist] got your granny panties all in a bunch because she decided NOT to endorse Hillary Clinton. You wanted her to pledge allegiance to female power…to Va Jay Jays everywhere. Yeah, I get it.

However, you’ve seemed to have slept on one big factor here. While Ms Winfrey is a woman…she still is a black woman who hails from a humble beginning in the hills of Mississippi. A state steeped in an ugly history of racial bigotry and injustices. Now I can’t speak for Ms Winfrey because she does a far better job of it anyway and I don’t know the lady. But I would gamble to say that Barack Obama struck a chord with her as he did many. Something resonated within her soul.

Here is a man that isn’t pandering to one particular group of people because he can see the bigger picture. Here is a man that represents hope and who doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and working hard for “the people” in his community and subsequently, his country. And this is a Black man. An African American Man.

Forty five years after Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington, DC, we are seeing the fruits of his labor (and the Civil Rights Movement). Forty five years after the blood, sweat, tears, and death of so many black men and women a Black Man is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States!! It gives me goosebumps!!

It is my humble opinion that young black boys and men need to see this example of responsibility, hard work, and hope far more so than feminist women trying to break through the glass ceiling. The 18 million cracks are there…ya just gotta wait your turn and STOP THE DAYUM WHINING!!