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I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the RNC, my stomach is weak and I can’t handle all the bullshit and hypocrisy. The people in this party are unbelievable and talk out of both sides of their neck! don’t believe me? View the video.

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Hat tip to the folks at O’ Hell Nawl for posting the video first.

Also, I received an email today from someone passing along info from one of Palin’s alleged constituents in Alaska. Always the skeptic and not believing everything I read, I Googled the person named. In short, it is supposedly a letter from an educator in Alaska coming out against Palin. 

Google returned a link to this blog, theWOWatch (Women in the News. Women on the News). Whoopi Goldberg is a contributor and has posted an poignant piece regarding her thoughts on Sarah Palin. Read it HERE!

Also, another fellow blogger has pointed out some innacuracies in both “Palin’s speech and McCain’s rhetoric”. Check it out at The Mo’Kelly Report.

Do you think the Republicans are hypocritical when it comes to the media treatment/scrutiny of Palin? What about their [Republicans] stance to back off the topic of her unwed teenage daughter? How does that fit into the party of “family values”? Would their reaction be the same of a Democrat’s family had it been the same circumstances?

What are your thoughts?

I knew it was coming. I am only surprised that it has taken this long before they’ve stepped out of the shadows. I suspect it will only get uglier as we approach November.

Mulligan’s is a well known local tavern in Marietta, Georgia and is owned by a good ole boy, Mike Norman. He’s known for displaying his ultra conservative views the establishment’s signage like suggesting Hilary Clinton should have married O.J. Well good ole Mike is now selling “Obama 08” t-shirts with a picture of Curious George.

Yessiree Bob!! You got it!! CURIOUS DAYUM GEORGE! Racist, you say? Not good ole boy Mike Norman. Mr Norman believes it’s okay to associate a black man with the caricature of a monkey. I suppose he thinks it’s okay to call any black person a porch monkey and we not be offended.

Norman said those offended are “hunting for a reason to be mad” and insisted he is “not a racist.”

Why picture Obama as Curious George? “Look at him . . . the hairline, the ears, he looks just like Curious George,” Norman said.

He said it’s just a coincidence that the character he chose for the T-shirt is a monkey. Norman said proceeds raised from sales of the T-shirts will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. [Source]

Several local groups are planning to protest in front of Mulligans today, including The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Nation of Islam and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

What are your thoughts? Is this racist? Or…are we being “too sensitive” just “hunting for a reason to be mad“?

I must admit, I have never watch Bill Moyers Journal on PBS and I’m not familiar with any of his work. But his essay on Rev. Jeremiah Wright hits the nail on the head.

Take a moment to stop, look, listen with an open mind, then decide for yourself. Feel free to post your opinions but I have no commentary for the video speaks volumes!

Thanks to JsNana for emailing this to me! 😉