Bill Moyers Nails It!!

I must admit, I have never watch Bill Moyers Journal on PBS and I’m not familiar with any of his work. But his essay on Rev. Jeremiah Wright hits the nail on the head.

Take a moment to stop, look, listen with an open mind, then decide for yourself. Feel free to post your opinions but I have no commentary for the video speaks volumes!

Thanks to JsNana for emailing this to me! 😉


4 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Nails It!!

  1. I am honestly quite sick of this whole business of Rev. Wright and Obama. There is such thing as too much of anything and this fiasco has gone beyond that. People need to just let it go already!

  2. Good video! Very insightful. It just confirms what we as black folk experience everyday. A double standard when we do or say something that a white person does. People are mad because Wright is shedding light on the inequality that america likes to keep under the cover, that is until disasters like Katrina or the CA wildfire come around.
    I heard his interview with Moyer was the highlight of his tour. It was afterward when he continued his tirade that I think he when just too far.

  3. I must say that I am surprised, what with everyone else of “importance” trying to crucify Rev, “Right”. Like you, I have never watched The Bill Moyers Journal, and as such, offer neither support or disapproval of the man. I do say that I am just flabbergasted that no one seems to speak on the idea of freedom of speech. The man can say whatever he wants to say without everyone else trying to put his words into Obama’s mouth. This is about the first time that I’ve seen someone in the media back Rev. Wright. Nice find. Peace.

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