Deranged Woman On Marta – UPDATE

I wrote about this foolishness earlier this week (What Would You Do) and I am so glad that MARTA (Atlanta’s rail system) police are investigating and have issued a warrant for her arrest. According to news reports, the police know her name but are not releasing it to the media at this time.

After canvassing the East Lake Station where the suspect reportedly exited the train, MARTA police received an anonymous tip that the incident occurred on March 31, between 2 and 4 p.m. The tipster also indicated the suspect has been known to ride Bus 22.

After identifying the suspect, MARTA police have obtained an arrest warrant.

“We want to assure the public that this is an extremely isolated incident and that customer safety and security are our highest priorities,” stated MARTA Police Chief Wanda Dunham in a release. “We regret that any customer had to endure such harassment while using our system.” Read the full story HERE.

I hope and pray to God they find this girl. If it is determined she is not mentally ill, they need to lock her butt up!! If you did not see the video, you can see it below:

This video disturbed me so much, I can’t begin to tell you. I don’t think I could have sat there watched this girl insult and disrespect the elderly woman AND NOT do anything. Yeah, I understand I could have put myself in harms way but at the very core of my being I know I just could NOT have sat there silent!! All I can think of are my grandmothers (who are both deceased), my mother, and how I would feel if that happened to them.

5/13/08 ***UPDATE****

The young lady has been identified as Nafiza Ziyad and her mother has stated she is bipolar and was off her medication.

Read the story HERE.

14 thoughts on “Deranged Woman On Marta – UPDATE

  1. Yo, choc I just saw this video on another blogger space who lives in ATL. I think she is mentally unstable or something else is going on. I don’t know what kind of upbringing she may had had but it was clearly !@#$ed up for her to act in such a way.

  2. @ Chocolate – giirrrrl, this video disturbed me so much, I can’t begin to tell you. I just don’t think I could have sat there and watched her insult and disrespect that elderly woman AND NOT done anything. Yeah, I understand I could have put myself in harms way but at the very core of my being I know I just could NOT have sat there. All I can think of are my grandmothers, my mother, and how I would feel if that happened to them.

  3. I know if I were there I would have intervened, no doubt about it. I can’t stand disrespecting elders. Something tells me she was high on something, but why didn’t nobody, NOBODY, on the train take action. What is happening to us as people?

  4. OK..lemme first admit.i laughed my ass off the first 25 secs till I realized thats an elderly woman who;s face she all up in. Then it just got sad what a train wreck. I would have most certainly @ the very least smacked the lil crazy bitch with a rolled up newspaper.

  5. disturbing. unacceptable. didn’t watch the video when you posted it the first time, but i just did. i was looking at the other people on the train who were sitting like this wasn’t happening. people just don’t want to get involved anymore. i’m not surprised more people didn’t speak up.

  6. My dumbass probably would have told her to sit down and shut up. Hell, I tell misbehaving children in public (to my husbands embarrassment) to knock their shyte off too. I’m sure I would have got my arse kicked but at the very least the crazy ol girl would have turned her attention to me instead of the poor lady. It made me extremely sad watching that and seeing nobody doing anything about it. Or maybe I could have just sat down next to the lady and started talking to her directly and ignoring the craziness. I would like to think I would have intervened at the very least.

  7. It’s the times we are living in. Once upon a time we as a people would not disrespect our elders but she kept saying that he was the one that rape her so it could be something else going on also.

  8. The girl was definitely weeded out, but I so much admire the woman, who totally kept her composure during the entire mess. I would have told the obviously “challenged” girl (can’t find it in myself to call her a young lady) to sit down and shut her mouth, to which she probably would have gone off on me too. I suppose she would have flipped out on me too, but better me than the senior citizen she was harassing. My parents always taught me to RESPECT my elders.

  9. I have seen the video before and I have no desire to see it again as it just burns me up. I truly have no words for this display of disrespect towards an elder. But I hope that justice is served promptly!

  10. Girl, I just saw this video. It is heartbreaking to watch that poor woman endure this nonsense. What was also infuriating is that for the first half of the video no other passenger came to her defense. SMDH. We once protected our grandmothers and aunts…what the hell is going on?

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