I’m seven weeks into sharing my home with a very close friend and I’ve come to realize just how anal I am. Shocking, I know, because I didn’t think I was. 😉

Sharing my space with another person has brought to the forefront my slight obsession with wanting things a “certain” way…my way.

First let me make something clear. In all honesty and fairness this should bare no harsh light or negative connotations towards my friend/housemate. She is respectful, neat, thoughtful, and does her fair share of cleaning so my issues are, well, just that, my issues.

The paragraphs that follow will make me sound self absorbed and selfish…just an all around ass. I feel that way too just having the thoughts. This is the result of being single and living alone for a long time. You become accustomed to things being a certain way in your “space”. You find yourself very territorial about your “space” and any infringement quickly becomes a major irritant.

The first 5 weeks were a breeze for me then without warning or provocation something in my head sort of “snapped” and for the past two weeks I have struggled to suppress my anal “demon”. LOL

Little, insignificant things make me want to scream. I want the silverware a certain way in the drawer and the pots organized and stack my way.

When frying bacon turn on the fan over the stove and when done, spray the house with the Lysol Nuetra Air (I hate the smell of fried foods in my house). Also, don’t save the bacon grease because I don’t cook with that mess. I didn’t know people still did this! It’s bad enough I eat the bacon; the grease is just another accelerant for clogged arteries. UGH!

I keep the door to the office/den closed because the vents in the room are closed. Doors that are “ajar” irk me.

Awful, I know.  ::hangs head in shame::

I believe there is a purpose and reason for everything, a lesson to be learned from every situation in which we find ourselves. This is no different. I’ve made it no secret that I want to marry and have children and I believe it will happen. God will bless me but I realize I have to work out my “issues”. I think I’m being prepared for what’s to come but I have a lot of work to do on me.

My current living arrangement has highlighted things I need to “let go”. I am working on doing that and praying at the same time.

Heaven help me!

12 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. OK, I’m already married and have 3 kids and I am STILL anal about where everything goes, how everything needs to be cleaned, and where all the dishes, pots and pans go! It doesn’t go away, but I bet your future family will be organized, cared for, and happy. Messy families aren’t that happy, I’ve seen…..I know!

  2. Girl, everyone has anal-retentive issues. *raises hand* I’m a pain in the behind about certain things but I can’t seem to get over them, either. I just quietly arrange things the way I like them and do my best to keep it moving. Just throw out the bacon grease, close the doors as you walk past, and meditate.

  3. Everybody has some things that irk them, Choc. Some things you will get over after a while, and some things you won’t. Yes, the longer you get used to living a certain way and having things a certain way, the harder it is to adjust to change. But you can. And you’d be surprised at how much you’d be willing to overlook for love.

  4. OMG! Are you my twin? You know my mom lives with us and she is way more laid back than I am. The silverware!!! Please place the silverware in the same direction! Wipe up those bread crumbs off the toaster too and please, for the love of all HUMANITY, fold the towels right!!!!!!!

    Whew! and you thought you were anal?? 😉

  5. Choc I am LMAO @ you! I’m married w/kids and I’m the same way! My hubby says “I’m Crazy”! I just HAVE to have things my way around the house. Why is it, everytime I clean the kitchen someone decides they want a dayum snack? I’m constantly fussin’ about something! Pray hard girl! and pray for me and Kimmy while you’re at it, LOL!

  6. LOL!! I have issues that I just blame on slight ocd tendencies, I in no way will claim to be anal! You never know how “organized” you are until you have to share space with somebody else!!

  7. First of all: anal demon?? C’mon! That just sounds sooo nasty!

    Anyhoo – Living alone is bound to make one territorial when another enters one’s space. I say give it your best shot at allowing others into your space and try to let that demon see its way out the door. Unfortunately, no answer form me as I am just as anal as you when it comes to having things (in my space) the right way – my way, as it were. I been there, done it twice on the marriage thing and as much as I want someone in my life on a permanent basis, it will have to be “their place”, and “my place”. I just can’t see sharing my space with another, at least not in the near future. The way I am – probably never. Hope it works out. Peace.

  8. Lol. I feel you Choc. When I had my own place I let my homeboy stay in my other bedroom for about a month and it drove me CRAZY! I couldn’t stand coming home and all my lights on, pots in the sink, tv blaring. Drove me nutty! You a good for making it as long as you have. I’ll pray your strength to follow through and not get as easily irritated.

  9. Wow, I thought I was the only one that was this way. I’ve lived alone for about 6 years now and I will admit that I’ve become stuck in my ways. If a person stays over too long I start feeling as though my space is being invaded. And little things tick me off like leaving hair in the tub, dishes in the sink, tv on while you are sleeping etc. etc. I refuse to bend on certain things and the aforementioned are included. However, one day I suppose i’ll have to compromise on some things or stay single forever…decisions, decisions.

  10. ….Ha, and you aren’t even sharing a bed. I did it for about a week and half. It was horrible. I even slept out on the floor in the living room a time or two.

    I know just where you are coming from.

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