X-Men Trifecta

What is up with the ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends calling? Two last week and one this week. My intention was not to give this more attention than it deserved but now I’m beginning to wonder…am I unconsciously emitting pheromones that are attracting past loves?

It started with a call from M2 ten days ago. Truthfully, I almost fell off my chair when the phone rang because I had not heard from him in over 7 months. After 6 years of going back & forth, being off & on, and not getting what I needed, I finally cut not only communication ties but heart ties as well. You could say I had an epiphany of sorts. The conversation was mostly catching up on what had been going on in each others lives and lasted about 15 minutes. I ended the conversation with an excuse of having to finish some things before heading out for the evening – it was important for me to remain in control of how and when the conversation ended. 😉

A few days later, MG calls. Although things ended between us over 7 years ago we occasionally keep in touch. Since he’s in another state this sporadic communication has never been an issue for me. This conversation started differently. After our “hello’s” and “how you doing’s”, MG’s first question is “Do you have a man?”. Next question, “Are you seeing anyone?”.

He proceeds to lay out his case by telling me he’s doing really well now and wants a “real woman” in his life.

Hmmm, really?

He continues with how he now has something more to bring to the table than just being a “good guy”.

Hmmm, really? More than your 3 kids, 3 baby mamas, and some good d**K?  

His business is doing well, his credit is good and he’s taking a gamble on several other ventures that have good odds of paying off.

Nah, bruh-man…I’ll pass. You know how it is…Once bitten, twice shy. So why is he blowing up my phone er’dayum-day? 😐

Rounding out this X-Men Trifecta is MP. He called and left a voice-mail just this morning. We’ve known each other since we were 14 years old and broke up over 16 years ago. This was the MOST dysfunctional relationship I have had in my life. I mentioned it in my Valentine’s Day post. Every woman I’m sure has one like this in her life. You know the one that tells you if you’re not married by a certain age, he’s going to be your husband? Maaaan, hell would have to freeze over a dozen times before that ever happened!!! There is a very good reason, in fact, many many reasons why you are an X!! Needless to say, I will not be returning the call!

I have moved on from all of these men and can say with all certainty that NOTHING, NADA, would ever happen again between me and either of them. :mumblesWell…with one exception……maybe. 😉 But he would have to dayum near walk on water before I let down that wall. And let’s face it, the last man to walk on water was Jesus. LOL!!

So why do men do this? Why can’t y’all get that shit right the first time? This isn’t golf!!! You can’t call a Mulligan dummy!!! There are NO DO OVERS, especially where my heart is involved.

6 thoughts on “X-Men Trifecta

  1. They’re called Ex’s for a reason, right?
    I can’t hate on it like that. My hubby and I had a rocky relationship in the beginning, including him not being able to choose between me and a psycho girl he had been dating. Finally it came to a head when I told him he had to choose. He chose her, and I said fine and let him walk away. It almost killed me, but I let him go. Lo and behold, 4 days later, he was calling all over Hell and creation looking for me, swearing he made the dumbest mistake of his life! We sat down and talked it out. Because I was willing to let him go, he now realizes that I can walk away and not look back if I have to. We have now been together for 8 years and will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this month.
    Yeah, ex’s are that for a reason, but I’m glad I didn’t give up on him!

  2. Ya know it’s not just men that do this right? Women (not all but some) who realize that the material things a guy has doesn’t matter and finds out they let a good one pass because they were looking at his…um…pockets..yeah his pockets and not his other good qualities. Maybe for you it is a sign. I don’t know. Have you checked your astrology readings today or recently (I don’t know if you are into that but just a suggestion).

  3. OMG it must be something in the water. I have an ex from YEARS back who found me on MySpace and keeps trying to leave messages of ‘love’. I’m like WTF get outta here with that mess. You’re an ex for a reason. Stay that way.

  4. In the water and in the air. I kid you NOT….#4 called yesterday!! His initials are MY…I think I need to funeralize the letter “M” and bury it…maybe they’ll go away too!

  5. I have always been the “nice guy” and when the relationships dissolve, it never seems to end there. I’m just lovable. Just once, if a relationship has to end, I wish a woman would say “I hate your guts! Don’t ever call me again!” But, nooooo! I still get calls from ex numbers 2,3, and 4 from time to time, wanting to reminisce, hinting at some kind of reunion. I’m like you, though – they’re an ex for a reason. Hasta la vista! Peace.

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