A Week In My Life

I’ve been slack in posting this week, I know. It’s been a good week and the holiday weekend was niiiice but I just have not wanted to write anything. I have realized that I need to stop drinking or drink more because 2 Cosmopolitans & 1 Goose n Juice had me wobbly and weak in the knees (or maybe it was the company I was keeping). 😉

I did receive phone calls from two X’s (ex-boyfriend & and an ex-homey/lover/friend)…that’s a post by itself, believe me. It would appear that both have been missing the sweetness that is Chocl8t, but considering all this amounts to is more of the same old bullshyt, I’ll just let it ride for now. They do have interesting timing though.

So with nothing in the news that moved me nor pissed me off more than usual, I’ve been quiet. Maybe, next week will be different. We shall see. Until then…have a great weekend! 😀


5 thoughts on “A Week In My Life

  1. Can’t much blame you there. I too kind of took the week off, just needed to step back a minute. I might post one or two things I have been thinking about in a day or so if I feel like it.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Classic case of you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. But if that ain’t the same ole story I don’t know what is. Enjoy your weekend Chocl8t.

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