Old School Friday – 1

Yep! That’s right…it’s Old School Friday! The first of many more to come!

I have signed up to participate in an Old School Friday meme, along with several other bloggers. If you want to participate, be sure to visit Mrs Grapevine’s spot.

So without further ado….here we go.

First up is one the best female groups of all time. Their vocals and harmonizing was always sharp and on point. There hasn’t been a group yet that could compare with their classiness.

12 thoughts on “Old School Friday – 1

  1. I remember when this song came out, and I first saw them on Apollo in those horrific stripe outfits (which were cute then), and I was like “wow” these girls can sing live, and they are so beautiful.

    My favorite song by them is, “Baby, Don’t Go” the slow one not the one from Set It Off, and “Give It Up, Turn It Lose”. Not to mention they remade a lot of the songs from the movie, Sparkle.

    See, you got me on a roll…

  2. Woooow! I used to love this song as kiddo. I actually recorded the video late one night onto a VHS tape. To this day, I can not say what my favorite EnVogue song is; they are all great!

  3. When did EnVogue call it quits. I can’t even remember when. But they really had a good sound. Imagine, a group that could really sing.

  4. Before I even played the clip I knew who the group was. That was one of my favorite videos and here opening stance is classic!
    Great choice! They really had an awesome sound!

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