Wishing On A Star….

I am a modest woman with desires, hopes and wishes. It doesn’t take much to get me tickled and giddy with excitement. For the most part, I am fairly content I have a beautiful family that loves me, friends for whom I am blessed to have in my life and a career/job that pays the bills.But there are some things that make me go “Ooo…can I have one of those?”

So here is Chocl8t’s “Wish List” in no particular order of importance.

fridge.jpgNo home is complete without the LG HDTV Refrigerator LSC27991! It’s a top-of-the-line, high-tech entertainment center with a LCD TV, DVD hookup, radio and slideshow option to display your favorite digital photos. With the press of a button, you can also access your five-day weather forecast and view more than 100 built-in recipes.

Yeeaaah baby!! I can see it now stocked full of water, fruit, Cranberry Juice and Grey Goose.

nikon1.jpgThe Nikon D200 digital camera with all the bells and whistles! Starting at $1,600! My family has already nicknamed me Olin Mills because I keep my current digital camera with me. You will never catch me at a family gathering without my camera! Click. Click. Zoom!!

kitchenaidmixer.jpgI can’t bake worth shyt but I would learn if I had this KitchenAide mixer. I would be a baking fool. Watch out Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart!! Plus, it would look great in my kitchen next to that LG refrigerator! Is anyone up for a Red Velvet cake?  🙂

logitech-harmony-remote2.jpgI have a total of 7 remotes in my house! SEVEN! Three alone are for the TV, DVD/surround system, and satellite box in my living room. I could toss all of them in the trash, or at least in a drawer, with the Logitech Harmony 880 Universal remote. Programming is as simple as plugging it into USB port on my PC for the initial setup and adding additional equipment. Disclaimer: Future boyfriends/husbands – GET YOUR OWN! 🙂

sillouette-of-man.jpgThe ever so elusive, enigmatic IBM – Ideal Black Man. I love black men to pieces!! All of you. Every part of you. Only you. My love affair with you goes waaaay, waaay back. I haven’t given up on you nor will I ever! But you must come correct and be on point with your bidness! I’ve been single and on my own for a long time but when you arrive I will gladly hand over the pants I’ve been wearing – YOU CAN HAVE ‘EM. However, check your bullshit and baggage at the door…cause that is where you will find mine. 🙂

megamillions.jpg$270 Million! This here!! This here could be the key to making some of the other stuff happen! Well, after taxes, I’m looking at about $140 million. That would be quite the nest egg! I could retire, travel the world, fill my closet with more shoes than I need, take care of mom financially, etc., etc.

HA! But who am I kidding? I’ll never win because I never play! I get mad when I spend $5 on a scratch off lottery ticket and don’t win – shyt that’s gas money! I don’t like the odds of the lottery. What is it, like a billion to one? But it sure is fun to dream.

8 thoughts on “Wishing On A Star….

  1. I’ll take the Fridge, camera and 270 mil!! I keep my digi camera with me all the time along with this lil small camcorder by Flip that I can fit in my pocket and shoot 60 minutes worth of footage. when it gets loaded up I dump’ em to my pc than to youtube and i’m back out again!! that Nikon is Hella nice!!

  2. I have the LG fridge on my list, and the camera, I got the 6000 series black and chrome Kitchen aid professional mixer for Christmas. Now, tell me why I felt like I won the lottery over a mixer. I know I have truly become domestic when I chose the mixer over jewelry.The first thing I made was a pineapple upside down cake.

  3. Sincere & Leslie – y’all feeling me on that camera huh? Whoooo Lawd is right!!! 🙂
    LOL @ MrsGrapevine – I would feel the same way about that mixer. But the funny thing is…I don’t bake! I want to learn and that mixer would be all the motivation I’d need. 🙂
    Regina – I thinking about starting up a collection for my lotery ticket purchases…LOL

  4. Wow that’s another good one. Your gone make me get some wine, cheese and crackers.

    BTW-did you try to put the widget code in your blog? I’m having issues with it.

  5. I want the motor that is in your truck to be put in my car…that is if you got the F45….I already got the 3.5 V6, but oh what fun would it be to be knockin around 400 horses in my Max.

  6. Don’t care about the fridge, mixer or camera, I have a digital and I too have the Flip camcorder – great little gadget – but give me the cash option on the 270 m and I can have some fun.

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