U.G.L.Y. You Ain’t Got No Alibi…You Ugly!

Calling Kyeisha Fuller, of Yonkers, ugly will get you CUT! Just ask her roommate’s male friend if you don’t believe me. HA!

A woman in Westchester County is facing charges that she stabbed a man who said she was ugly.

Kyeisha Fuller of Yonkers was awaiting arraignment Wednesday on charges of assault and weapon possession.

Read the full story here.

While she probably didn’t win “Most Attractive” in her high school superlatives, she isn’t exactly a dog either. Just a wee bit violent maybe…but not too ugly. Dumb as hell….but not too ugly. A straight Gangsta…but nah, not ugly. “Most Likely To Catch A Case“? Dayum skippy!!


6 thoughts on “U.G.L.Y. You Ain’t Got No Alibi…You Ugly!

  1. dayum…i’m scurred of old girl. She need to get some anger management classes quick and in a hurry. She may not be ugly but she’s violent.

  2. AJ – I’m scurred of her too. I hope she doesn’t come across my blog!! LOL

    Shay – she is batshyt crazy. LOL

    Marcus – flashbacks can be lethal!! 🙂

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