Highlights and Heels!

oldage.jpgI was perusing the news websites like always do when I came across this eye-catching headline: “Over 40? You Can Look Young & Hip Author Says“. Charla Krupp has authored a book titled “How Not To Look Old” which was number 2 on Sunday’s New York Times Best Seller List.

…it urges women to retain a youthful appearance with brightened teeth,highlighted hair (and bangs), hip (but not too young) clothes, high heels and soft, natural makeup. She doesn’t believe in plastic surgery, by the way.

Read the entire story here.

Deep Sigh

As an African American woman I am amazed this kind of crap sells and even more amazed that my Caucasian sisters are so susceptible to this. Yes, I think many more white women stress about this more than black women when they really don’t have to. Why? I don’t know. Maybe someone could enlighten me. 🙂

I think the author, Charla Krupp, has some personal issues with aging thus the reason for her book. However, a word of caution I would offer anyone considering her suggestions is to remember that how well you age or don’t age is primarily and largely due to genetics. JMO

Outside of living a healthy lifestyle, no drug abuse, minimal stress, no sun worshipping, moderate alcohol use, etc., there’s not much you can do about it. If your mother looks, or looked, like death warmed over at 40, chances are…you will too.

I’m just saying….

9 thoughts on “Highlights and Heels!

  1. How true, how true. If it’s going south after 40, sorry, a trip to a very good Dr. 90210 might be in order, ya know?

    I’ve seen many an old bag with “highlights and heels” lol 🙂

  2. Yeah, on average you do see white women stressing over the aging thing a lot more than you do white women, but I kind of wish some of that would rub off on black women more when it comes to going to the gym. I always see tons of middle aged white women looking pretty good in the gym, but not so much with the black women. Whats up with that?

    Betta believe when I am all old I am gonna still be up in the gym all old and fine and stuff.

  3. Bully, I have to agree with you on the fitness thing for black women. I understand black men like a woman with curves but some of us are a bit too curvy. We need to get in shape. You don’t have to be a size 6 or 8 but you must be healthy and fit…able to walk a flight of stairs without being “winded”. If more black women committed to being “fit” you would see a decline in hypertension, diabetes, obesity (obviously), and many other weight related health issues.
    Okay, let me get off the soap box!! 🙂

  4. White women stay lookin’ for a formula. They need to learn how to stay out of that sun and stop dying their hair. That is why I love my black women…black women just age gracefully and beautifully.

    At the end of the day, it is all about one’s diet and their staying healthy by way of exercising and staying as stress-free as possible.

  5. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Stop buying into the hype that something is WRONG with aging and that it should be stopped. Bottom line…LOVE THY SELF!! 🙂

  6. “Black don’t Crack”! African American women when they take good care of themselves in their youth they have a better chance of continuing to look alot younger than they really are. Genetics definitely is a big part of it also. If you wait until your in your latter years to start to take care of yourself INSIDE and OUT more than likely you will have to consider other options to look younger. I loved your last sentence in this post..lol.And black folks should explore other BEVERAGES besides kool-aid and malt liquor..ie. orange juice, grape juice, vegetable juice, WATER..LOL. I love my people though..

  7. TheBully- Black Women who are a bit on the currvy side love themselves no matter what people think..If you see a big girl you better believe she’s dressed for success from head to toe. On the other hand their are big girls that will wear clothes they KNOW good and WELL are toooo small and try to put on some of the skinny girl belly shirts and that is wear you gotta draw the line. Just because a woman is a of the thicker persuasion doesn’t mean she still can’t be the sh*t. There are big men too and they where there shirts tucked in with some tight ass pants come on now..lol..Instead of faulting a sista on the size of her party dress just motivate her to go to the gym along with you. You and your girl can get ya’ll workout on and go to the house and get your freak on afterwards..Love and BLessings 🙂

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