Once Awarded, Twice Tagged

awards.jpgWithin the past seven days I have received numerous birthday wishes, an award and I’ve been tagged! I am both overwhelmed and flattered by the love from my blogging family!! I am also a little tingly-wingly but that’s another post all together! (tee hee hee)

Sunday morning, while recuperating from my weekend birthday bash, I ventured to my favorite spot for my “daily dose of intelligence“, “Ignance“, and debauchery, O’ Hell Nawl, only to realize, to my sheer horror, that I had missed the best dayum awards show in the blogosphere!! That’s right folks, The Bloggin Azz Blogger Awards Show was Saturday night and they honored your girl with a Bloggin Azz Blogger Award for Being OHN It!!

This site has single handedly secured a spot in hell for not only me but for all their regular readers and staff members. So take heed…if you’re uptight, have a weak stomach, are easily offended, trying to live a clean righteous life with heaven being your ultimate goal…ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! The place is addictive like meth and crack cocaine but in the end, you’ll still have your teeth but Hell-bound for sure!

Thanks for the love and the laughs O’ Hell Nawl!!

Hmmm…now if I can only figure out a way to get them to add me to their “Bloggers We Love” list…. 😉

Moving right along…

I was tagged, twice! Thanks to Sincere and the Black Tennis Pro.

Here are the simple rules: Tag five [5] other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. This is classic viral linking and the benefits of viral linking: a jump in your Technorati authorities and and an increase in your Google PageRank fast. So get that new traffic to your blog, build your community and make new blog friends!

It’s Not Easy Being Queen On The Black Hand Side The Views of The All Seeing Eye A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah We Need To Stop 5th Times A Charm, All Tayo, Black Tennis Pro’s, BlogXilla, Colored Girls Who Have….., Dark Brotha, ‘Dat’ Curious, Drewry Online, Fresh and Fab, IDKWhat2say, JV’s Loop, Kreative Talk, Lisa C Writes, Mrs. Grapevine, My So-Called Fabulous Life, Necole Bitchie, O Hell Nawl, Opinionated Black Woman, Over Analyze It, Planet Saedel, Rag-Tag Believer, Real Stars Don’t Struggle To Shyne, Sincere Thoughts, That’s Not Hott, The Chocl8t Diaries, The Old Black Church, The Quick Catch Up, TrueDustLynn, Trying To Live Life Right, You Better Recognize.

Here is who I’m tagging:

Black and Blended, Haute Blog XOXO, Inside The Gates, M Tony-75, The MoKelly Report, and Young, Black & Fabulous.

4 thoughts on “Once Awarded, Twice Tagged

  1. I ain’t even gonna say nothing about me not getting tagged, but uhmmmm COME BY THE SEMI SERIOUS SITE PUREDIESEL.blogspot.com!!!!

    You’ll like it Choc, we mostly talking bout working out and stuff.

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