Weekend Warrior

I am no stranger to “do-it-yourself” home projects and usually fare well when I take one on. This weekend, however, I was traumatized by a can of paint with granite crystals. The paint swatch had a nice golden glitter effect with small granite speckles – PERFECT! It will look beautiful in my dining room – one lightly textured wall with darker surrounding walls.

before.jpgbefore.jpgbefore.jpgOn Friday evening I stopped at Lowe’s to purchase the paint and a few other miscellaneous supplies needed to complete my project. With the plants out of the room, chairs moved, the table cleared and covered with a drop cloth, and a pitcher daiquiri on hand, I started painting.

Half the wall was covered when I stepped back and gasped. “That doesn’t look like the swatch”, I cried. It looked like gold paint with black sand clumped and blobbed throughout. “Oh God!! What the hell….” Panic set in. How in the world was I going to get this clumpy mess off my wall, I thought as I downed my third glass of daiquiri. This can’t be happening…

The clock read 10:10 pm when I picked up the phone to call L-Boogie. “Hey Poo. What’s up?” L-Boogie greeted me as she answered the phone. After tearfully explaining my plight, she giggled and said she be there shortly. Everyone needs a friend like L-Boogie! She gave me a simple solution, “You’re going to have to sand it down and go over it with the darker paint”. Now why didn’t I think of that? I giggled as I finished the last of the daiquiri in the pitcher…this will be a piece of cake!!

Saturday morning started with me sanding the wall. Yes, I own a sander. I did say I was a “do-it-yourselfer”! Got the wall smooth and started painting again. After applying two coats I decided that I had enough…I was leaving well enough alone and the one wall with a splash of color would do. I also decided I would never try to “faux finish” paint ever again in life! Don’t believe the hype…it’s not as easy as it looks on T.V.

BTW…don’t drink and paint…they don’t mix. 😉


8 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior

  1. It looks GOOD! I know you wanted the gold color, too, but I like the one accented wall.

    I understand, I just tried to paint my walls for the first time, and let’s just say I will count it as experience and lessons learned. I wanted to do the iridescent pearl like finish, but I now know to save my money and call the painter.

    Anyway, I think it looks great…

  2. Wow, Oh,La La! My mother would be so proud (she is trying to get me to become a home depot pro! But I rebel against the machine!!! It is fabulous!
    I don’t have the patience! You go girl!

  3. Girl, the faux painting looks so easy, but it is not. I’m happy with one color painting. I kind of like to paint…it’s somewhat therapeutic for me. BTW – it turned out nicely.

  4. Choc, the wall looks great! So, we’ll start painting inside in April. Get your ticket now to come help. I’ll furnish the daqs.

  5. Your finished product looks good! You did a good job. I love do-it-yourself projects, I can’t wait until Spring so I can get in my yard and do my own little landscaping projects. Painting isn’t easy but like someone else said, it’s theraputic and I’m always so proud when I’m done.

  6. good job. the room looks nice. so i have these security storm doors i need up this weekend….whats your schedule looking like? 🙂

    i think of every job i’ve done in my house and realized that i have been sober for each one. got have clarity, or you’ll be calling for back up.

  7. I’m glad y’all like it!! It turned out nice despite the beginning!!

    DB…let me know and I’ll be there with my tool belt, drills, and drill bits!!! 😉

  8. I think the picture looks good. I doubt its super close to the sample. I do a podcast on home improvement tips and we discussed the common problem of paint looking different once its on the wall compared to what you expect from looking at a sample. Check it out (episode 2) http://www.handyguyspodcast.com we also finish the discussion of painting tips in episode 3. Feel free to lean on The Handyguys if you have any DIY/Home Improvement questions. We may use your question on the air!

    Keep up the good work

    The Handyguys

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