Home Improvement

I am no stranger to “do-it-yourself” home projects and usually fare well when I take one on. This weekend, however, I was traumatized by a can of paint with granite crystals. The paint swatch had a nice golden glitter effect with small granite speckles – PERFECT! It will look beautiful in my dining room – one lightly textured wall with darker surrounding walls.

before.jpgbefore.jpgbefore.jpgOn Friday evening I stopped at Lowe’s to purchase the paint and a few other miscellaneous supplies needed to complete my project. With the plants out of the room, chairs moved, the table cleared and covered with a drop cloth, and a pitcher daiquiri on hand, I started painting.

Half the wall was covered when I stepped back and gasped. “That doesn’t look like the swatch”, I cried. It looked like gold paint with black sand clumped and blobbed throughout. “Oh God!! What the hell….” Panic set in. How in the world was I going to get this clumpy mess off my wall, I thought as I downed my third glass of daiquiri. This can’t be happening…

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