The Boondocks & BET

***ADDENDUM*** Sorry, YouTube has removed the video.  If you didn’t see it, maybe next time. HOWEVAH…it is at the link below!!! (1/29/08)

No need to add my commentary. Watch for yourself! 🙂

 debralee.jpg    bobjohnson.jpg 
Read more about Debra Lee & Bob Johnson by clicking his picture or his name. A quote from the article…

Pulley, 44, also writes that Johnson originally envisioned high-minded programming, but succumbed to the lucre made available by devoting more and more time to music videos supplied for free by the record companies. It is consistent with Johnson’s philosophy of money first and social responsibility . . . whenever.
Hat Tip: Highbrid Nation

14 thoughts on “The Boondocks & BET

  1. This is an episode that never aired and has been pulled from youtube before. Not sure how long it will be up.
    I agree it is both sad and funny.

  2. LOL…this mess was funny! They need to be showin’ ‘Boondocks’ on BET, but I think Johnson has something against McGruder. And what is up with that dead-lookin’ cat she is holdin’ on her hand. LOL!

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but I was offended by this. I always enjoyed reading Boondocks and was sad when the artist took time off. Choc you always seem to be on top of things.

  4. Bob Johnson would NEVER, EVER let this episode air on BET for obvious reasons…hell it doesn’t align with their business model to “DESTROY BLACK PEOPLE”….LOL

    Nana, sorry you were offended, maybe I should have added a disclaimer. To put it in context, there are many, many in the black community that view BET, its founder (Bob Johnson), Debra Lee (President & COO) as irresponsible with regards to the programming content that is aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET). They do more to perpetuate negative stereotypes of black people than anyone else corrupting the minds of young black kids and adults for that matter.

  5. Choc, I was only offended by the video, never you dear. Your “blog mom” is always proud of you and all you do. And I understand it was meant to take it to BET, but it was a bit much.

  6. i see you’re up on the Boondocks! 🙂

    the BET episode won’t be airing on TV, but it will be included on the 2nd season DVD…and you know i’m gonna cop it!

  7. @ “t”..I love The Boondocks! I’d like to cop a view of that DVD set myself so keep a girl in mind. OK? 😉

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