You’re Going Straight To Hell!!!

This right here pissed me off – BIG TIME!

Richmond County Deputy Coroner Charlena Graham, has been arrested on accusations she stole gift cards from the body of a woman who had committed suicide. Read the story here.

theivingazzcoroner.jpgWhy in the HOT ASS HELL are you stealing from the dead and you’re the coroner? Have you no morals? No scruples? Are times that bad for you that you have to lift gift cards from a dead woman’s hands? A woman that committed suicide, no less. Was it NOT bad enough that she felt there was no hope and ended her own life? Noooo….you had to go add insult to injury and the icing to the cake by pissin’ in her face… by stealing from her…

May the flames of hell consume your boiled infested azz!!

14 thoughts on “You’re Going Straight To Hell!!!

  1. Kinda makes you wonder what else might be going on in a coroner’s office? However, with so many strange things happening in this world today, I’m not surprised with this one. She’ll probably get away with a slap on the wrist, lose her job there, and get another one in some other city, like it never happened. Sad isn’t it.

  2. Wow, that isn’t something you read about evcery day. But why did the dead lady commit suicide with gift cards in her hands??
    How did the coroner get caught??

  3. I’m with Slaus….she wasn’t gonna be needin no Vicky Secrets where she was going.

    …..Yeah, but her momma ‘nem shol coulda used them joints to by her funeral fit.

  4. Bump dat – I’m wit u Slaus. what trick jumps before spending eery drop a doe and runnin credit up to the max on every card they’d send in the mail????? Coroner proly thought it was a parting gift. Thanks for cleaning my stankin dead azz – here’s a gift card for your trouble. I spent every dime and am uninsured so you likely won’t get paid for your services…….I don’t like the corner much. Going to the mall!!!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me what we as humanity are willing to do to one another. Yeah she wans’t gonna use them, but what does a coroner have going through their mind that the say, “I’m just gonna take these and spend them.” I’d be afraid of bad Ju-Ju attached to the undies I would have bought!

  6. i can’t believe i’m about to say this and i’m not even drunk yet, but…she’s not going to use the cards. will they be used as evidence or something? the cops are just going to take them when the bag her stuff up…well never mind. you know what i’m trying to say.

    i’m with Slaus

  7. Im just saying mann if im walking down the street and I see someone fall out the sky and splt all on the Hyundai, ima be like: UGGGGH MANNN DAAAAAAAAAMN.

    But then if their ipod shoots out their coat pocket and a wallet just saying…

    fugg you need 30gigs of playlists and a debit card for in the afterlife.

    Where im from dat shyt is a Gift. Opportunity.

    ….. then again, im evil.

  8. I’m supposed to be righteously pissed about this shit, so why am I LMAO @ all y’all theivin’ opportunistic azzes! WHY?!!

  9. Oh, and BTW…Slaus how in the HIZELL did you manage to corrupt my readers? Huh? How exactly did THAT happen? 🙂

  10. @ Slaus, you wrong for that first comment, but that ish was hilarious! I seriously do have a problem with any type of thievery, even more so stealing from someone that just died. WTH is that about!?

  11. @ choc. baby im sorry.. im not really sure how it happens. Im like the opposite of that dude in the skittles commerical who touches everything and it turns into candy goodness.

    I start tlaking to people and the next thing you know they are wearing jibby rings, handcuffing their lovers, and getting happily whipped with licorice sticks.

    : sigh: i dont WANNA be responsible for everyone elses evil!!!!

    <– is the black plague.

    @ marcus LOL man im just saying!

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