My New Hero – A Real ‘Ride or Die’ Chick

theresa.jpgI just told them I was not going to die today, which I wasn’t,” said Theresa.

This young woman is my new hero and if anything jumps off, I want her on my team…believe that!!

Four young thugs got a big surprise when they broke into a Dekalb County home today. I’m sure they didn’t expect Theresa to come at them with a knife forcing them out of her house running from her and the police.

She said she heard them ringing her doorbell and knocking while she was sleeping. By the time she got downstairs, they had broken in. She ran back up her stairs to get a knife and call 911.

“When he came up the steps I came at him and I wasn’t going back. I was going to keep on going and fight for my life,” Theresa said.

Read the entire story here.

As a female that lives alone, I can relate to this. My philosophy is shoot first ask questions later. I will NOT lose sleep over shooting, shankin’, or ending the life some miscreant who breaks into my home attempting to rob me of any peace of mind and whatever false sense of security I may have. Let this serve as a warning to any somma-beeoyatch who entertains the thought of crossing my threshold without invitation….Chocl8t gotz that HEAT!  😉

8 thoughts on “My New Hero – A Real ‘Ride or Die’ Chick

  1. WHOA! That’s what’s up! What a way to protect yourself; especially if you are a young lady. I wish there was a video posted somewhere so that we could actually hear her experience.

  2. She was brave and not smart all at the same time. I admire her for being tough. When I think, when I was living by myself, just because I was on the 3rd floor I was sure in leaving my window open at night. Foolish girl I was. I think if I was single today, I’d carry a hand gun and have it by my side at night when sleeping. “Locks only keep honest people inside.”

  3. I agree with all of you who said this was dangerous as hell but dayum…I can relate to Theresa! How do you think you can just bust in someone’s home and take what you want? People work to dayum hard to provide for themselves and their families to have some lazy, good for nothing, shiftless jacka$$ just take it!

    @ E-VEE-EEE – saawwiiingg batter, batter….saawwiiiing!!!

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