Black Coffee

It was 1994 and I was kicking it with a sexxy, dark chocolate brotha named Marcus Y and this this first video brought back a lot of memories, none of which will be shared here. 😉 The first line of the song also reminded me of “Theresa” mentioned in the post “My New Hero – A Real Ride or Die Chick”.

I always did like Heavy D…back then, the Overweight Lover could get it. What? Don’t sleep on the BON DIDDILY DIDDILY DIDDILY DIDDILY DEEEEEEEE…(tee hee hee)


YouTube is really messing with my emotions today!! 😦 Copy and paste this link into your browser to view the video or click HERE.

We Got Our Own Thang!!

4 thoughts on “Black Coffee

  1. Heavey D. could totally get it! I’ve always loved him. Smooth, confident and light on his feet for a big man. Thanks for the memories. 😉

  2. Not “We Got Our Own Thang” Geez…this really takes me soooo back! When I watch this video, all I can think is that Teddy Riley was a genius producer. I mean Teddy Riley was producing and doing all of the beats for rappers and r&b artists in the mid to late-’80’s and early-’90’s.

    But um, this Heavy D tune makes me want to go to a Throwback party and break dance. Yes…..I can break dance and do it well!

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